Sophia’s Bad Boys!

So Sophia likes her bad boys!  If you stop by her blog or website or even her facebook page you’d find proof of this!

Seeing as how I’m spending some time telling all about Sophia I couldn’t not mention her man-crushes!   Below you have Charlie Hunnam and Tom Hardy.  Both of which have made more than one appearance in her posts!  Apparently we are regularly informed that she has so many pictures of Charlie on her phone that you’d think he was her boyfriend!

I suppose you can’t blame her, I mean just look at the pictures above!


Not ruling out this guy either.  Wentworth Miller of Prison Break fame.  All of these luscious specimens were inspiration for Darion Milano  her very alpha male hero from ‘His Confession’.

When you first turn the pages of her book you wonder just where it is going to take you. Certainly there are moments when Darion drives you crazy, just like all the other bad boys you know and love  (fictional and real life!) but Sophia gives you teasing little insights into why Darion is like he is.

If you buy ‘His Confession’ I can guarantee that you will be left with extreme frustration… from the story not being long enough that it!  But don’t worry … it is the first book in a trilogy!   That’s right there are two more instalments to come.

So this is the second day of Sophia…  Just like her books there is still more to come!


























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