B is for…..

Bounty, Beauty, Boo-boo, Books and Blogging!


My favourite chocolate bar.  Sometimes I nibble off the chocolate which leaves the coconut centre.


A poet sees beauty in everything.  From inner spirit, to simple gestures people make, to beautiful people, but what is startling are the amount of people that don’t know their own worth, that they are beautiful inside and out.  It’s hard work pointing out what you see in them when they can’t recognise it within themselves. When you are able to break through, when it happens, for the few moments they believe you, that is when they are at their most beautiful.
I enjoy giving people makeovers and trying them to wear something different from what they would choose themselves, maybe different colours to what they wear or clothes in a different style or length. This isn’t because I want to change them, it is because I want them to see themselves.
If something is changed about you then you look at the differences you notice more things and for a few moments you stop repeating mantas about yourself, like your nose is too long, you don’t like this or that. You pause. This pause is everything because for those few moments when they see just what I see in them their eyes light up and their shoulders go back as they hold themselves a bit straighter, almost seeming taller.
If they can take that away with them it was worth it.


For some reason I call my cats Boo-Boo.  I don’t know why.  I obviously picked it up from somewhere.  They look at me like I’m mad but as long as I have food they’ll turn up regardless of what I’ve called them and trust me, if you met my cats you’d know they’ve had a few names in their time.


Well hello, this would probably be my specialist subject on mastermind.  I used to read 12 books a week from the library.  My reading is in flux at the moment due to real life being a pain but I adore anything from biographies to romance to… horror, thriller, young adult, sci fi.  My favourite book is ‘Gone with the Wind’ and I adore the 80’s womans’ authors; Jackie Collins, June Flaum Singer, Jacqueline Briskin, Judith Krantz, Una Mary Parker.

Although those books are dated (no mobile phones for a start!) they transported you to other worlds, to the glamour of Hollywood, the bustle of New York. There were sizzling scenes, bitches and backstabbing, with a little bit of romance thrown in. They had characters you loved to hate and characters you wanted to keep reading about.

Moving on from them I started reading Tom Clancy immersing myself in politics and espionage. We could all do with Jack Ryan in our lives sometimes!  They led me to reading other thrillers, and then murder mysteries and detective novels.  Anything I could get my hands on I would read.

And of course, it made me know that all I really wanted to do was write.


Blogging seems like the easiest thing in the world to do until you start doing it. Finding topics to talk about and getting followers. Staying interested whilst dealing with negative feedback.  It’s supposed to be a way of getting recognised, of practising your craft but there are so many pitfalls from the capability of different sites to motivation.

The first thing to realise is that you aren’t alone, there are hundreds of new bloggers every day writing about so many subjects. If you want to be one of the bigger bloggers then you need to find a niche, need to find something others aren’t blogging about and somehow keep people interested.

This blog deals with everything, from fashion to writing to books.  I even have a section called ‘The Social Voice’ which deals with disquieting things I’ve found about being part of the internet generation especially Cyber Bullying which is rife across the internet.











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