D is for Dead.

Death is something that I struggle with in my stories.  Right now I’m writing one where I know I want to kill a character off.  It’s time to say goodbye to them however I just can’t do it.

I keep thinking of all the reasons why I like them, the comments they make and their relationships.  Then I think of how much better the story will be with a death in it. With my characters actually facing mortal danger instead of just empty threats.  How I could delve deeper into their psyche and bring out reactions and emotions from them that they wouldn’t ordinarily have.



But there is something that stops me.

And I think it is this. I like my BAD guy.  I shouldn’t.  I should hate him.  I have given him no redeemable features but there is just something about him that means I can’t have him become a total psychopath.  Maybe I should give him a hockey mask and a chainsaw….




I have a story in the planning stage. It is a murder mystery, the old fashioned kind with a lot of misdirection and red herrings before the final page when the murderer is revealed as the person you least expected it to be.

The story starts with various characters around a small insular village being invited to a murder mystery weekend at a local manor house.  As the first and staged death  being investigated the first murder takes place.  With no way of contacting the outside world that are caught together.  In the midst of their amateur investigations a number of secrets are revealed that pitch them against one another. More deaths occur until finally the end scenes when the real culprit is revealed.

Well that’s how I want it to go.  Like I said I have a problem killing people….







 in my stories that is….



7 thoughts on “D is for Dead.

  1. I think that one of the things that makes killing characters off in books is that it is not something that most of us experience ( killing someone that is) and therefore it can be difficult to do it in a realistic fashion.

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