F is for the other F Word


The other F word.

Last night I had to put a placeholder here because it got so late and I just couldn’t think how I could type a blog post in thirty minutes.  Shame on me, but I do have an excuse yesterday I was at an interview which hopefully went well.

Anyway back to it.

The other F Word.

I dislike swearing.  Not that I don’t do it myself but I’ve heard little kids do it and to me that isn’t right.   There seems to be an ease with which people swear these days. When I was growing up if you swore you’d know about it afterwards if your parents caught you.

When I see a promo for a book on my facebook the biggest turn off for me is to see swearing.  Facebook  is part of something labelled social media and your posts should be mindful of who is going to see them.  If your biggest selling point in your writing is that your characters are swearing at each other what does it say about your book.

Is it going to flow? Are your characters likeable? Does it make sense to the story? Is it too much?

Seeing it flash up in my timeline over and over again just puts me off even more.  I want to support you  and share your promos but the swearing.  The graphic sex scene. The semi-pornographic images.  Is that really the absolute best bit you can post to draw readers in?  Because honestly I think you know that you can do better. That your work will get noticed without the gimmicks. Leave some allure for your reader and let us discover the good stuff between the sheets… I mean under the covers….







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