G is for ghost.

I know I’m posting this a little late but I promise to catch up tomorrow!

I believe in ghosts.  There are many things that happen in this world that we cannot understand and there is no logical explanation for.

I don’t have proof however, just feelings and senses.  That is why some people scoff when you mention ghosts and others offer rational explanations.  Some people distance themselves from the story or you even when you are relating incidents or broaching the subject.

My parents had a picture of a crying boy.   When they hung this in their house in Spain I would catch myself looking behind me a lot, searching for a reason why I was uneasy.  Sometimes it would be like I’d catch a shadow out of the corner of my eye.  Without sharing notes one night my mum admitted that sometimes she thought there was someone there, like someone had walked in behind us.

The picture was taken down  when my parents redecorated and another took its place. Those creepy feelings disappeared, the sense that there was someone there with us.

The  crying boy painting was supposed to be unlucky.  Tabloids reported that there were instances where homes were destroyed by fire but the crying boy portraits remained intact.  I’m not sure that my parents picture was the same as in those (fake) reports but I do know that I felt uneasy when I first saw it after my Dad brought it home.

I don’t think that the picture has been hung since and now remains in storage.  Can objects be cursed?

I had a cat that loved to go for walks, only problem is I lived in an area where there were boy racers. So late at night we’d sometimes go for a walk round the block.   We’d start out by going past this double gabled Victorian house it had blue arts and crafts style decoration near the roof and the windows were modern replicas of the originals.

This one night my cat refused to walk past it and crossed over the road, walking along before rejoining me back on my side.  As I walked past it I noticed a black shadow with the shape of a man passing across the front of the house.  There was nothing to make that shadow, in fact because of the street lamp, the full moon and their security light a shadow like that would have been impossible.

I remember thinking nothing of it. Shadows could be caused by anything.  Carrying on with my walk, my cat crossed back over the road and we went home.

For a few weeks later I would see a flicker at my dining room window.  With no overlooking neighbours I only put curtains up at this window in winter. It was like seeing a black smudge out the corner of my eye.  Like I was noticing movement  but when I looked directly there was nothing there.

The dining room window was at the back of the house and the garden was enclosed with no access.  There couldn’t have been anybody there except for the feeling there was. Diagonally across from my house was the Victorian house.  Did I lead something home that night?

My third and final example.  My Mum loved to watch Most Haunted.  I thought most of it was fake but occasionally I watch it because it was something I could talk to my Mum about when I saw her.

The Halloween special came about and this was a series of live shows with a spirit board/séance session.  I watched because I was waiting for scary movies to come on. The Trick or Treaters had gone and my witch candle had burnt out.

So I watched and watched.  A couple of times I wouldn’t say I got scared but would feel the tingle of unease.  Like I said for the most part I thought a lot of the show was fake.  Then came the bit that did make me jump.  I laughed it off and then after the show ended and I watched a horror movie I ended up going to bed.

That night all five of my cats slept on my bed with me.

If you’ve seen posts about my cats then you know that they don’t get along with each other. Mystic hates other cats, humans, everything.  Scatty doesn’t have the sense to hate anything but gets annoyed at Landy. Landy and Jake were at loggerheads because at the time Jake was top cat.  Piglet just got annoyed at everybody, usually if they stopped her getting chicken.

This was the only night in their history that they slept together.  There was no arguing, no scrapping for best spot they all just went to sleep next to me.

What had they seen in that episode that we couldn’t? What made them do that?

So yeah, ghost exist.  They are a presence that we can tune into on occasion. Do they mean us harm? Some do possibly but for the most I think they are just a reflection of what they were when they were alive.

Please feel free to share your ghost stories in the comments below.


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