H is for Happy

There is nothing I like better than having the ability to write.  When I’m busy typing away I’m happy.  When those words are flowing I’m happy.

Writing is my happy place.  It’s safe.

The words tripping off my fingers and appearing like magic on the screen, well there is no words that can really describe the emotions that go through you.

Writers sometimes feel like gods. We create worlds and people. We put them into situations that we’d hate to be in ourselves but merrily abandon them to their fates. Sometimes we just leave them there for months whilst we go off and write something else but sooner or later their voices will reach you and lure you back.

When everything else in my life is going to pot I know I can count on writing to keep me going.  To refocus me.  To distract me.  When everything is gone, the only thing I can count on is writing.





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