Grey’s Anatomy

So last season I stopped watching Grey’s Anatomy after 11 years.

I didn’t stop because McDreamy left… I stopped because of the way he left.  I’ve waited a long time to post this because of the people who may not have seen it and I didn’t want to spoil it for them.

mer der 2

Derek, with the perfect hair and one half of dream paring ‘MerDer’, narrated his own demise.  I found the circumstances of his death ironic, he rescues people in a traffic accident and then falls foul of one himself.

More than that it was the speed in which Meredith gave up on him.  She’s woken during the night and after bundling their kids up she heads to the hospital where he is and just calmly sits there switching off his life support.

Okay, so she is a doctor but even so she barely asks any questions about his condition before flicking that switch.  If the situation were reversed I find it difficult to believe that Derek would have done the same so rapidly as Meredith did.  Let’s face it, he’s fought for her before on many occasions and can we forget the way she clung to him when he was shot.

mer der 1

This all makes his exit a betrayal on all the fans that stuck with the show when the writing wasn’t the best just to see these two characters.



There were rumours that Patrick Dempsey who played Derek, had a significant falling out with the main producer leading to his leaving the series.   If this is true it certainly shows in the writing.


I’m used to GA tearing out our hearts with bittersweet drama,marklexie take Mark and Lexie for example after months of on/off again romance they finally reach somewhere just to be killed off.  I still miss them as a couple.


So yes, after all these years, after putting up with the Izzy storyline and the way she treated Alex I’ve finally had enough.   Sorry to the characters that I was growing to love but I can’t stick around waiting to see just how you’re going to be killed off.








One thought on “Grey’s Anatomy

  1. I didn’t read the whole post (full disclosure) because I don’t watch the show. I stopped when the main character’s mother had Alzheimer’s. With both parents having it, I couldn’t handle the show.

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