Poet Voice

I actually find myself doing this when I’m reading my own poetry and I have no idea why. I suddenly lurch into Captain Kirk when I’m reading and insert random pauses and commas/breaks at any point in the sentence.

I struggle enough when I’m writing to ensure that the poems rhythm is correct (or nearly correct)  and the rise and fall of the words in the sentence draw the reader in and lead them to the conclusion.

It is almost as if when I’m reading I have to be more ‘arty’ than the next person, as though I feel a need to demonstrate just how clever I am to string words together in a poem.

We’ve all got a little bit of a poet in us, from appreciating the naughty limerick to loving the classics we avoided in school, to secretly writing our own work.

Regular readers will know that I am published,  what they will not know is that despite sending my manuscript out time and time again, I have a collection of rejection slips. Poetry is subjective.  Poetry is only poetry if someone can appreciate it, not publishers (although that would be nice) but the people who read poetry for love.

Which is of course, amazing,  but it’s time to bring poetry into the light because if you don’t then more of us will just adopt a ‘poet voice’ and no-one really wants that.   😉



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