L is for Line.

Not just any line.

The perfect line.

The  absolute line.

The one line that finishes the poem.

The line that explodes.

The drop the mic, boom, line.

Fitting emotions into rhythmic pattern takes a skill that is hard to learn but once you have it you are forever trying to master and perfect.  The Last Line is often the one that ties all the threads of your poem together.  When you put so much effort into the poem if that last line isn’t perfect then you don’t feel that you’ve achieved anything.

You want that line to take all the allusions, all the the hints, the oblique little clues and bring them to a conclusion.

But it isn’t that the last line carries the poem, no it’s strength radiates through every line, but you want that last line to be the one that makes people go wow.

So I live for the lines.

The last lines.

The perfect lines.

The tweaked lines.

The reworked, revamped lines.

Those over confident but perfect lines.


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