N is for New Idea

This is a very specific thing in writing.

You have four stories on the go.  Several poems in draft.  You’ve promised some people that you are going to help them with writing projects.   You are editing for some other people.

Then it hits you.


It’s a fantastic story. The character’s voices are buzzing in your head.  It’s such a sweet story that you know it’s practically going to write itself.  You can see the settings, down to the merest detail.  Heck, you’ve practically decorated their living rooms a dozen times as it is.

BUT you ignore it.  The excited little feeling in the pit of you stomach. The urge to start doing research. The choosing of the right names for your characters.

You repeatedly push it aside.

Because you have enough to do.

Until that moment in the middle of the night you just can’t hold it back anymore and you frantically start typing.  You tell yourself that it will only be a chapter or two.   That you’ll soon have the story mapped out and once you do this then you can get back to your other stories.



That doesn’t happen because now you have a fifth story on the go.

You are stretched between all your commitments.  You know that you are juggling everything to try and get them all done.  You are up half the night doing that editing you promised and mainlining coffee throughout the day to do the normal everyday stuff.   Your RSI is playing up because of all the time you are spending on the laptop.  You’ve given up on Social Media because you can’t afford the time it will take away from your writing life.

And then…


Along comes…..





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