O is for OMG!


So if you have a phone the chances are that you text.

And if you text the chances are that you use the dreaded text speak.  The abridged language is virtually everywhere now with even some words making it into the dictionary and scrawling across the internet.

Sometimes it’s cute.

But when you see or edit someone’s work and there in glaring letters is text speak you know that you want to kill the person who came up with it. It is everywhere and you dread to think that this is the natural progression of language.

I’ve seen job applications that use ‘no’ instead of ‘know’. omg2

(Let alone the amount of times it should be ‘you’re’ instead of ‘your’!)
I’m not writing this from a position of perfection, I have my spelling and grammar moments but I always try to text without using  text speak.  I think that taking that time to write out the words in full helps with the impact the message makes.  It focuses me into thinking about what I really want to say.

Plus it helps stop the misunderstandings.

The more you do it the more you get responses in the same style.

As a writer you have a certain voice in your work, favourite words that you use and a way of writing dialogue for certain characters.

My character Jacko pluralises words and uses ‘ya’ a lot.  He refers frequently to Ella and her daughters as ‘Girlies’, despite having romantic feelings for Ella he tries to treat her as a friend and put some distance between them.

We’ve glimpsed his background once,  he was given a choice between Army and Jail and chose the former and although his intelligence or education level is never mentioned he became part of an elite SAS unit meaning that his skills more than made up for any deficits there may have been in his education.

The image I have in mind for that man is rugged, handsome.  Despite his charming ways with women he has never settled down.  Perhaps his affection for Ella holds him back from making that commitment or perhaps its the fact that at the drop of a hat he can be  slingshot back into action, either that of the company he is a part of or in defence of one of his best friends, Roman Harris.








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