Q is for Quirk, Quiet, Quiz….


I love to give my characters a quirk, something that you can identify with, perhaps its something that you do, from playing with your hair to tapping your fingers when your waiting for something.  It’s usually something small, perhaps a repeated pattern of dialogue they use, or like Ella they bite on their bottom lip.  Roman folds his arms when he feels threatened, classic defensive body language.  It is referred to by the kids as ‘Daddy Arms’ because Georgie has begun copying the same body language.


I spend lots of time being quiet.  Either I’m mentally writing or I just have nothing to say. As a shy child I found it easier to be un-noticed if I stayed in the background.  The hardest thing about writing is that if I want to be successful I have to give up some of my anonymity in order to do promotion work.  I’ve noticed that although I can be quite strident about some subjects on the internet, from TV shows to feminism, to animal cruelty, I still lapse back to being quiet.


Because I read a lot. Because I remember a lot.  People have used me as their secret weapons in various quizzes through the years. I often get lost when I’m reading Wikipedia because one page leads to clicking on another. Between that and watching a lot of TV shows I’m sometimes referred to as a geek.  I have to admit I love absorbing knowledge.  Not just general knowledge but the trivia that other people overlook.




One thought on “Q is for Quirk, Quiet, Quiz….

  1. I love the idea of giving characters repetitive quirks. I mostly write poetry and short stories, but I’ve been working on something longer and you just gave me a great idea! Thanks!

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