My family wasn’t there that day
Although I lost 96 of my brothers and sisters.
When the crush swept their souls away.

Today as I listen, my tears run free.
Hearing the inquest verdict come down
There is a justice of sorts, for you, them, and me.

Some of us campaigned from laptops
We retweeted and spread the word,
Seeking out a way to let people be heard.

Fought to get to justice; to get this one special day.
Fought for Anne Williams to get her say.
Fought for 96 voices to be heard in the dark.
Fought for the 96 lives to leave their mark.

For when their lights were extinguished
the 96 Liverpool fans have walked on alone
With no-one willing to take the blame or to atone

A fateful day in April when 96 families cried
All the people lied. All the people lied.
We’re here now with the truth spread out.
We’re here now, finally able to shout.
Unlawfully, they died. Unlawfully they died.

Walk on, walk on, with hope
once more in our heart.
Justice for the 96. Let the healing start.


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