V is for Vampire

Anybody who loves horror has a soft spot for Vampires.

Most people believe that Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’ was the original Vampire novel however there were instances of the Vampire in fiction years before, for example in the 1819 publication of John Polidori’s short story ‘Vampyre’.

The idea of an undead creature sucking lifeforce from us is not a new idea existing in many cultures in many forms throughout history.   The version appearing in Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’ appealed to many on different levels including the erotic.  With the promise of immortality who would object to donating a little blood?

The Victorians memorialised death with monuments and Gothic tombs. They believed in an afterlife,  in Heaven and Hell. With the introduction of Dracula the barrier between life and death was breached and the mysterious-nous of many deaths attributing them to the supernatural became a logical step.

The eroticism in vampire lore is more about the anticipation and the temptation than actual sexual conquest. There can be direct comparisons between the sharing of blood to become vampiric and the mixing of bodily fluids during sex.  Later day vampires are more attractive and luring than before, there is a market for vampire novels especially those that have enough sexual content in them to qualify as porn!

Despite all this there is the horror of feeding of others in order to survive.  The preternatural having power over the living, becoming violent aggressive monsters at a moments notice, in other words being all too human.






2 thoughts on “V is for Vampire

  1. I definitely have a thing for vampires, I agree that probably all horror fans do!

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