☆• 30 Days by J A Heron •☆

• 30 Days by J A Heron •

This is a standalone, erotic
thriller by J A Heron

#darkthriller #eroticthriller #gangsters #ebook
#goodreads #bookstagram #amreading
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Synopsis •

Dariana Walsh is the daughter of a ruthless gangster and
heir to his empire. Not only does she feel trapped, but she has many questions
about numerous incidents that have happened in her life so far. Particularly,
what happened to her mother? Her father sees her as his little girl, but she
longs to be treated like an adult. He wants to shape her, to become more like
him, but she resists, the only way she knows how…
One of Wilson Walsh’s men – Chas – is not who he seems. He
was sent to infiltrate, earn trust and walk away with Wilson’s most treasured
possession, his daughter. He has a plan to take down the most unrelenting man to
walk the streets of East London.
the next thirty days, blood is shed, friendships are formed and amongst all of
the pain and suffering, surprisingly, love blossoms.


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