The EU – in or out?

Having spoken to many people about the upcoming Referendum on whether we stay or leave the EU it’s going to come down to this:

  • Which lot of scare tactics works better?
  • People afraid that EU Migrants are going to steal their jobs.
  • Can’t see what benefits we get from it.

Don’t be tricked into voting us out with fear-mongering. We are politically and financially better off being part of the EU than separate and alone.   We don’t have to fight to get a better trade deal on our own for a start.

People say we pay too much into it and don’t get enough out of it. We get free trade, freedom to travel to other countries within the EU, free healthcare in other countries. We get a massive rebate on what we pay in. We get a vote on EU legislation. We get the Presidency of the EU on a rolling basis. We get subsidiaries for our farmers.

For those countries petitioning to join the EU, why do you think they are doing it? If things are so bad that we need to leave why are so many European countries wanting to join?

You’re scared about people coming over here and stealing your jobs. I get that. I’m unemployed and know its a tough labour market but I know that if they come here working legally then they pay tax just like anybody else. They put into our economy just like us.

The media would have us believe that thousands are just waiting to come here and drain our resources. Funny how that media doesn’t report on the ones who go back home or on the ones who pay their way. Funny how that media won’t report the actual figure coming here is much much lower than they estimated with their fear-inducing headlines.

Yet we don’t seem to mind if the ones coming here working are playing for our favourite football teams? How will that change if we leave the EU?

A lot of you are scathing about people coming here working yet didn’t mind so much when Windrush was happening in the 60’s. Or the cheap foreign labour we employ when it suits us.


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