Last night I was clicking around in an old folder full of my A363 Advanced Creative Writing notes and I cam across some pieces that I’d done back in 2012.  It was strange to note how my writing style has changed over the years and although two of the stories were biographical they held a strange fascination for me.  Like I was discovering treasure or the secrets of the universe.

I would share them but… well they are biographical.

At the moment I’m busy doing so many things that no day is the same for me.  I’ve Beta read someone’s story  (And as soon as it is published I’ll be advertising the heck out of it!), I’ve been reading.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that I’ve had a problem with reading.  Stemming from my writing courses I’ve found that no matter what I’m reading I’ve got a tendency to edit as I read. Sometimes not even edit, in my head I’m re-writing whole chapters.  Considering how much I love reading it is so annoying and frustrating that I can’t switch this off.

I’ve been doing some editing work too.   I’ll definitely be telling you about this later.  This is quite possibly the biggest think that I’ve done for ages. The biggest challenge I’ve taken on.   It’s taken time, research, and the constant telling myself that I can do this.  Fear is something that I’m currently living with!  The dread in the pit of your stomach kind of fear that everything is going to go wrong in some way.

Instead of dwelling on this I’m putting the focus on the work. I’m encouraging people and guiding them.  I’m not letting my fears hold me back as they have done in the past.

I don’t know why I’m not writing at the moment.  I’m not sure if the story I’ve got going on has become boring to me in some way or if the lack of fans is putting me off.  Although the view count is quite high there are fewer people commenting on my story.   It’s off-putting.  Still I can’t leave the characters in limbo  forever so hopefully  I’ll get back to it soon.

That’s all for now.  Speak to you soon.

Oh, and feel free to comment below. It would be nice to connect with you…



3 thoughts on “So…

  1. I have also found that over the years my writing style has changed over the years. It can make reading old pieces a little odd at times.

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