10 Day Blog Challenge

So on the first day of this blog challenge I have to come up with 10 things about myself.

10 day1. I like cats.

My earliest memory is of holding a black and white cat called Whisky.   the cat’s front paws were over my arm and his back paws touching the floor.  I was barely able to walk but I knew that the black and white bundle of fluff in my arms was precious.

2.  I like Vampires and scary films.

I started watching them when I was a young girl and adored the rush from being scared. When I was able to write I began to weave tales of vampires and ghosts.

3.  I dress in black.

It’s my favourite colour and makes me feel invincible.  I also wear other colours now but I always check to see if the clothes come in back when I’m buying them.

4.  I write a lot.

I always have two or three stories on the go.

5. I drink diet coke, black coffee or vodka.  Occasionally I have vodka in my diet coke.

6. I hand embroidered a rose on black cotton.

I was bored and wanted to see what I could do with it.  My Nan used to do a lot of embroidery and I wanted to see what I could do.  So I had a picture of a rose and I just hand sowed this flower with pink cotton on black material.   The back wasn’t as neat as it could have been but I really enjoyed doing it.   I no longer have it unfortunately.

7.  Library Books!

When I was 12 I was reading 12 books a week.  I did this for years.  Working out how many books I read and the number was approaching 50 thousand.  From Mills and Boon romance to 80’s blockbusters I read just about anything.  Jackie Collins bonkbusters! Jilly Cooper.  Judith Krantz.  June Flaum Singer.  Hundreds of pages would  slip through my fingers as I immersed myself into the stories.

8. I play a mean game of chess.

I even beat my computer at Chess regularly.

9. I love sleep.

I suffer from insomnia so when I do sleep I really enjoy it.  I treasure it. Sometimes I will suddenly decide that I need a nap because if I don’t recharge for an hour or so my whole body will ache and my thoughts will feel foggy.   I once manged a whole days’ work on just 23 minutes sleep.

10.  I love swimming.

This is the best exercise ever. I don’t get to go often enough.  If I’m ever rich enough I will have my own swimming pool. I guess I’ll have to start playing the lotto for that!





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