All Lives Matter

When I hear ‘Black Lives Matter’ I think ‘All Lives Matter’ because they do. All Jewish lives, all Muslim Lives, all Trans/Gay/Bi/Lesbian Lives matter. Every person on earth matters. When you tell me Black Lives matter you are saying they matter more than anybody else.
You continue to tell me how to think and that I’m wrong for thinking anything else. How I’m supposed to react and then get mad because I don’t react that way.

I see racism everywhere, I see it affect others in ways we cannot even measure. Black lives matter but all lives matter too. I see people belittle people who want to promote that other’s lives are just as important. Just as valid. For whatever reason they say that, it’s slapping them in the face when you tell them they are wrong because you are saying that their opinion isn’t as worthy as your own. Your viewpoint is the only one that matters.

What am I missing the point? No. I know what ‘Black Lives Matter’ means.

Police taking innocent black lives is horrible. The fact that it happens, it is still happening even. We know there is little-to-no justification for it and more importantly people are left with no sense of justice when the police seem to get away with it.

But the fact that so many people use it as a stick to hit white people with. Do black lives matter as much when it is black-on-black violence? When we hear about gang violence it fades quickly from the news because people aren’t protesting that.

You’ll quote statistics now about how white-on-white violence occurs in greater number, but we know, we get it. We understand.  To me it doesn’t matter what colour you are if you commit a crime you should be punished for it, even if you wear a police uniform. 

Killed by Police 1999 – 2014

I was brought up to believe that the word ‘nigger’ was hurtful and yet it is almost a term of endearment between some people now. Still because I’m white if I were to use it … I did call someone that once in my life and even though the person involved was bullying me it didn’t make it right.

Black lives matter. You will always have my support. But stop telling me I’m wrong because I believe that all lives matter too.


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