Blimey another blog post

I’m not political.  I don’t support one party over another.

But I did vote Remain.

Right now I’m angry.

I’m disappointed in people.

Especially the ones who were seething at the result of the referendum a few weeks ago.

I had this weird idea that together we’d do something great, we’d help change the result. Not just by political means but by intellectual means.  We’re proved that the Leave campaign was made up of lies.  The people behind it resigned or disappeared.

Except now we’re told to get on with it.

To unify behind Brexit.

Well I’m not unifying.  It will prove to be a costly mistake.  I’m still getting Leave voters bully me on social media.  There is a surge in racial abuse on both Twitter and Facebook. People are even going as far as making new accounts just to do it.

Others are just fed up with the whole thing.  Which is fair enough except this is going to affect you in ways that you don’t even know yet.

Then a lovely kick in the teeth from the new PM  – the appointment of Boris Johnson to Foreign Secretary.   After his lies and deceits comes this.

I have no words left in me to describe how much this insults the people of this country.

But it’s fine.. we’ll just have to get over it.



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