thought of the day

So as a writer I tend to read a lot of literary articles  and I came across this one today.

The author could have a point but within two minutes of reading, I as person who writes poetry and studies it, was completely lost.

Why are so many people literary snobs?

If you want to read erotic fiction that’s cool. If you want to read sweet romance or hardcore sci-fi go right ahead.

If you want to read (or write) bad poetry then do it.

The author interviewed in the piece I posted the above link for states:

It’s like Pound in his “Notes for Canto CXX”: “Do not move / Let the wind speak / that is paradise.” I’m pretty suspicious though of the grandiosity and fatalism of the valorization of silence. I don’t valorize it.

Er, talk about grandiose.

Poetry is interpretive by the reader. As an author you have an idea in your head but as a reader that idea is dependant on your own circumstances. A poem I wrote that touched upon suicide had readers thinking it was about a break up.  That’s cool.  They related it to something in their lives.

Poetry is expressionism.  Its raw.  It’s emotive. It lives.

I don’t write in meters generally.  The stressed and unstressed consonants make me cross my eyes and get a headache. I write flowing verse. Sometimes it rhymes. Sometimes I use slant rhyme. Sometimes I struggle to get a rhyme in there and the line just doesn’t work.  (That’s when I make scribbling out into a piece of impressionist artwork!) But there is nothing better than writing something down that creates a picture in my head. That leaves its own memory.  That’s what writing poetry is about.

I’m working on a collection of my poetry at the moment.  I want to get my words out there and if people read them great. If they like them, even better.

So yeah, you know. Don’t be a snob about what people like.  Don’t judge.



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