Post Something Positive

I have a little challenge for you.

How about today, tomorrow or the next day when you are flipping through your newsfeed or timeline when you come across something that interests you… write something positive.

Thanks for sharing… Good read… I hear you…. This is good idea….

I know that many of you do this so it won’t be much of a challenge, but recently I’ve seen many … (too many) negative posts and hey, I’m just as guilty as some of those people posting. 

We live in interesting times as a friend recently posted on Facebook, quoting the ancient curse. We have incidents of gun violence, homophobia, terrorism, fundamentalism, racism… in fact pretty much most of the ism’s happening on a daily basis.  It all means that we’re inundated with negativity over and over again.   This is creating an underlying anger in each of us and that anger is being expressed across the internet in the form of sarcastic, nasty or just plain mean comments. 

We know that there isn’t much we can change about the world right now, except perhaps to be a little kinder to each other. Let’s start there. So go off and post something positive… see if we can get a KINDNESS REVOLUTION going…


You do not have to share this. But if you want to… feel free….


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