Too Much Info….

Due to low income I get a lot of free books especially when they are on offer including erotic fiction. 
If you’ve been to my Author page I’ve repeatedly stated that if you are an Erotic Author I will support you and your craft but what I will not do is share posts where explicit sex is described, especially if this is just to sell your work. I’m slightly more lenient with my Blog however.

I’m not a prude, I read sex. I just want to create an atmosphere where anybody can be without finding something that will upset or embarrass them, not to mention I know there are people on Facebook who are under 18. So that is my choice.
What I am finding is that a growing number of authors and writers are posting more and more explicit material. To the point where their posts should be labelled porn. I’ll state again that I am not a prude, but I’ve seen book teasers that have descriptions of blow jobs on for example. Explicit descriptions.  These are small graphics that people share when they promote other authors’ works.   As a reader I’m not interested in seeing the sex side I want to know about the writing, the characterisation and world building.  I want to invest in the story.  
What does it say about your work if the best bit of your entire book is just  sex scene?  Are you advertising to get a fan following and build up readership or just to get a few salubrious book sales?  You know what, the vast majority are just after the sales.
The other thing I’ve noticed is that there is a growing trend of authors churning out soft core porn and labelling it creative art.  They don’t care that its not the best writing they can do as long as they get the sales.

Not all authors are like this.  I don’t want you to think I’m painting them all with the same brush. Some authors do create art even when their characters are having crazy sex.  They give you characters who are passionate and real. 

The erotic fiction market hosts a wide variety of writers.  Read all of them and make up your own mind.

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