Twitter Strikes Again…

You all know I have a hate-hate relationship with twitter.

Recently I’ve been the target of abuse because I support remaining in the EU and because I will not be quiet when people are lording abuse at all Muslims each time there is a terrorist attack.  I’ll even take on the NRA and advocate stricter gun control.

Twitter remains the home of bullies and  of small minded people getting their kicks of belittling people and making harassing remarks.

When they start on me I usually just block them.  But for a couple I’ve actually used the so-called improved reporting method that twitter says is there to support you. It isn’t. It doesn’t work.

You are assigned automated report pages. There is no “person” taking your complaint. You have no contact with anyone.  When you answer the questions you don’t get a chance to interact with someone to get support. If someone is harassing you online that is a serious offence and twitter is failing in its duty to deal with them.

I came across this story today:

It states that twitter actually did something but here’s the thing Twitter… it’s too little and too late.  What world does this person live in where threatening to rape a child is an appropriate response?

When a report is received  you need to immediately suspend the offender for 24 hours and not let them have access to delete anything. You need to take past history into account and see if they have multiple accounts they are hiding behind.  (Easy to check ISP’s or even the syntax used in individual tweets.)

And when I see tweets that start like ‘F&*&^g Muslims….’  you should have an algorithm in place that immediately freezes their accounts and warns them that their Racist ….or Homophobic ….or Sexist …  tweet has been removed. Further instances will not be tolerated.   If they can’t police themselves then Twitter has to step up…



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