How to live out of a suitcase…

Due to my circumstances I’ve spent the last year living out of a suitcase.   I’ve come to realise that I need things.  I need a lot of things.

When I packed it was throw everything together and get on with it kind of panic packing that left me with a bunch of vest tops, leggings and a few skirts.  There was nothing remotely smart in the bag ans so I’ve resorted to panic buying.   First a mint green tunic with chiffon type hem and then a couple of tops I found in a charity shop.   Vest tops with chiffon overshirts, one in pale pink and the other in white. When ironed they look respectable and even semi-smart when teamed with my black skirt.

I also manged to get a yellow patterned sleeveless top for cheap from my catalogue when I had to reorder and buy new leggings.

Although I packed some make-up I didn’t put in a lipstick.  I’ve since bought a couple but avoiding the shades I know are in my other make-up.  And I’ve spent the year using just one handbag. How I hate this handbag now, and how I miss my over the shoulder denim number I brought back from Spain or any number of other handbags that had to go into storage.

I simply can’t wait until I reunited with my wardrobe, with my jewellery and make-up.  I am a girl underneath it all and I miss that stuff.  On the other hand I now know that I have too much stuff.  Things I never wear but love so I keep it in my wardrobe, things I can’t get into anymore but I have good memories off so they stay too.

I’ve given away clothes to friends,  some of them new or that I only wore once, plus more to charity shops.  Its a start of revamping my life but as soon as I’m settled I’ll be doing a lot more.


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