Taming the Vampire – Deanna Chase

Vampires, Crescent City, and Betrayal! Are you a fan of the Crescent Cty Fae series? Or do you just love vampires? Then check out Taming the Vampire, a collection of all new stories by over 25 best selling urban fantasy authors. On sale Oct 31st. My offering is Bite of Betrayal, is set in the Crescent City Fae world, and is a taste of a new series coming in 2017.
One hot vampire. One hot night. And one hot betrayal.
Blake Douvant is a woman with one thing on her mind: find her missing best friend. But when Jackson Barré, a sexy east coast billionaire, comes into her life, she lets her guard down for just one night full of lust, passion, and betrayal.
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It’s date night! And medium Pyper Rayne is finally getting some alone time with her oh-so-sexy new boyfriend, Julius. But when a representative from the Witches’ Council shows up during appetizers, the romance portion of the evening comes to a screeching halt. Julius is needed to deal with paranormal activity—on a cruise ship to the Caribbean.

An all-expense paid cruise to the Caribbean sounds like the perfect second date… until Pyper witnesses the death of a famous rock star. Suddenly Pyper and Julius are caught in the middle of a decade-old homicide. Now the race is on to solve the mystery or history is destined to repeat itself.

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