Tea Leaf : What Hides Beneath – Mia Mitns

Newsletter 35  3

ONLY $.99!

Cinnia’s life is about to change.

During a night out with friends, Cinnia is targeted by a strange fortune teller who reveals that her life is about to change. Well, Cinnia wouldn’t mind a little change in her life. She would love to get a position at a renowned scientific company, Sciecor. But would she regret her wishes? Things are not as they seem. Secrets hide in the basements at Sciecor, human appearing secrets that need her help.

There are secrets that Cinnia doesn’t even know about herself.

Kasen has been looking for Cinnia. When he moves in across the street from her, friendships change. And when mysterious things happen at his house, Cinnia and her friends begin to be concerned about their safety. Could he be an enemy or a key to help Cinnia discover the power she truly has?



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