Shake Your Green Thing: Supernatural Witch Cozy Mystery
(Harper “Foxxy” Beck Series Book 2)

I came across Raven Snow just the other day and have downloaded as many books of hers as I can! Then I found out she was looking for ARC reviews – of course,I jumped at the chance!
‘Shake your Green Thing’ is a sequel to ‘Roller Rink Witchcraft: Supernatural Witch Cozy Mystery’ but don’t let that stop you from reading this book, without detracting from the plot Raven covers the events in the first book competently and with enough detail you don’t feel lost. Her characters develop with the story in such a way that you feel they are people you’ve met and are becoming friends with. You see them grow with such a natural progression it’s hard to pinpoint the moment when you didn’t have them in your life. There is nothing that screams sequel at you at all which is great. (The only reason to read Roller Rink Witchcraft is because you’ll be missing out on a great story if you don’t!)
Raven’s writing flows easily across the page luring any reader inside her story. You’ll drift from page to page with delight as the story unfolds in front of you and before you realise it you’ve finished the book! The books have a light-hearted feel to them without being overly comedic giving a balance between the darker crime moments within the story.
Harper ‘Foxxy’ Beck is your average free-wheeling witch who sees to be getting into a habit of finding dead bodies! She’s managed to get herself attached to the delectable detective Wyatt Bennett which has its own complications in the form of his adorable son, Cooper. Before she can say ‘hocus pocus’ she’s falling hard for the both of them. How is she going to handle this alongside solving the mysteries that seem to be springing up in front of her?
The man doesn’t seem to be backing off and she doesn’t seem to want him too… if only the other members of the police force in Waresville shared Wyatt’s attitude. With Foxxy seeming to be their only suspect in a town filled to the brim with witches, can she unlock the mystery before her man has to visit her in jail?
I received a free advance reader copy of this book in exchange for an honest & unbiased review.

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