Violet Chaser – Erica Reeder

newsletter 71 2

Not everyone wants to be a faerie princess.

Me in particular. Of course, the bad news is I actually am one. Or at least I used to be. As soon as I realized I was better at throwing punches than kissing babies, I split. I ran so far I thought that life would never find me. And it didn’t until a faerie was murdered in New York City. The last thing I want is to be dragged back into that hell, but if I don’t find answers about who is killing faeries, my entire race could be in jeopardy.

Then just when I think things can’t get any worse, I meet the one man who could ruin everything. He’s delicious, intense, and has these blue eyes that make me forget my name. Oh, did I mention he’s a vampire? Yeah, as far as faeries go, it doesn’t get more deadly than vampires. So why can’t I seem to stay away from him?

I’m Cy Vanguard. Bounty Hunter. Faerie Princess. Call me what you want. But if you’re the one who murdered that faerie, you better hope you’re running when I find you.

Being cited as “Great for True Blood fans!” and “This author rates right up there with Laurell K Hamilton, Charlene Harris (True Blood)”

Violet Chaser is a serial Urban Fantasy. This novel is the first of many to come in the world of Cy Vanguard, AWOL faerie princess.

If you like books with kick-ass heroines, bad boys, and the fate of an entire race hanging in the balance (oh, did I mention fairies and vampires too?!) then check out Violet Chaser. The wit will keep you laughing. The mystery will keep you guessing. And the attitude will keep you coming back for more.

Nevermore is a full length novel and the continuation to the adventures of Cy Vanguard, AWOL faerie princess.



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