I’ve recently downloaded the free version of Grammarly, the website that checks your posts for grammar and spelling mistakes.   It was annoying at first, constantly having to stop and include extra commas where I didn’t realise commas should go but now it’s kind of okay. kind of less intrusive.

The most annoying thing, though, is its reliance on American spelling.  There are instances where the ‘Z’ should go but not in the half the words it keeps suggesting!

There is a drawback, the version I have is not compatible with my edition of  Microsoft Word.  That’s right I downloaded it to help my writing and all it’s done is improve my arguments on FB!

Still, I’m learning. As a writer no matter how clever you are with words you are always learning about how to actually write.  Grammarly is showing me simple things that I overlook or don’t know.

A perk of having it is the weekly emails of my progress.  Here is this week’s activity graph:


5018 ▲ 65% words written
You wrote more words
than 92% of Grammarly users did.

95 ▲ 14% corrections made
You were more accurate than 53%of Grammarly users.

1156 unique words used
You have a larger vocabulary than95% of Grammarly users.

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