Listening to Music


Some people can’t write without listening to music. Others need complete silence. For me, it very much depends on my mood.

When I get into a scene  I can be transported into the moment with my characters and suddenly after frantic typing, of course, only then notice that my music had stopped.

It’s not just music, I also will have the TV on, or a show playing on my laptop, almost like I can’t bear the quiet surrounding me.

I’ve got playlists and artists that are my favourite to listen too.

Big dramatic scene – rock and roll, heavy metal.

Fight between hero and heroine – definitely, play me some Anastasia or country.

If it’s an action scene involving my soldiering hero then I might listen to a lot of sixties tunes, in particular, those that were played as a soundtrack for the soldiers in Vietnam.

You Tube is brilliant for random tune selection. Click on a song and it will have connections to random fan videos or other artists who have released the same song.  It becomes this rabbit hole of distraction when you really aren’t in a writing mood but the rest of the time you can click on a song in there and type away.



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