More vampires brooding


This is Bela Legosi as Dracula from the 1931 movie. The focus was all on his eyes and intense stare, luring his victims in until he struck and sank his fangs into their necks.  He did Dracula as a classic vampire, none of this glittering stuff and he remains a firm favourite of mine.  There is a Hollywood legend that Bela Legosi was later buried in the cape he wore in the Dracula movies, accepting the role that brought the Hungarian actor to the forefront of the world.  A role that he could never fully shake no matter what films he went on to do.

However, when it comes to brooding you can’t get more brooding than Louis.  Anne Rice’s classic vampire story ‘Interview with a Vampire’ introduced us to Louis and also Lestat.  louisThis vamp had a pout you couldn’t resist. It didn’t hurt that he was played by the very delectable Brad Pitt. If you haven’t read the book then you really should.  I was only vaguely familiar with the characters when the filming was announced but not long after seeing the finished film I dived into the books.  lestat

Louis lost his wife in childbirth and in a depressive suicidal state, he managed to get himself noticed by Lestat, a vampire who was the epitome of hedonistic selfishness.  In Louis’s words, he longs for death to find him.  When Lestat asks him to choose between death or eternal life, in the end, Louis chooses life not fully understanding that meant he was now to be a bloodsucking vampire.

There have been other actors taking on the role in later years but Tom Cruise gives Lestat a strange kind of energy despite the description of Lestat in the book being quite different he manages to pull off the role.

lukeWe move now to Luke Evans and the retelling of the old Vlad the Impaler legend. I remember being quite bored by Hollywood’s desire to keep going back to the story and trying to reinvent the tales.  Despite this, I discovered that not only did I enjoy the movie but it was something I watched numerous times, noticing new things within the story each time I did.

There are rumours there is to be a sequel and I wouldn’t say no.luke2


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