Halloween Film Fest

First film of the night was  ‘The Night before Halloween’ (2016).

A pre-Halloween prank, on the 30th October, goes wrong leaving one girl in a coma, her friends panic and end up dispatching her anonymously to the hospital whilst they clean up the scene.  Unbeknownst to them this wasn’t just an ordinary prank but designed to kill one member of the group in order for Kyle to pass on his curse!  If he can get someone to die in his place then the curse will be lifted and he won’t die.

A year after the prank the remaining four teens are recalled to find out that they are now subject to the curse. Black flies morph into a demonic presence as each one tries to stay alive.  With a suitible plot twist  at the end of the movie and an absence of too much gore this is a perfect film for the teen horror fan!

‘When a Stranger Calls’ (2006)

The plot behind this is a horror classic.   The babysitter is in a strange house and starts to recieve crank calls, she calls the police who tell her that calls are coming from inside the house!   Again, it’s another movie that relies more on atmostphere than gore to convey horror. There are some good ‘oh, my god moments’ that have you on the edge of your seat.

The 2006 version is a remake and yes, I’ve seen the original (and that version’s sequel).

I feel I should mention that I’m watching these movies in a quiet dark house with only candles and the laptop screen to provide light just to add to the atmosphere!


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