Awakened – Laxmi Hariharan

AWAKENED, the first book in the Many Lives Prequel series is part of this awesome 20 book collection: FALL INTO MAGIC.

AWAKENED traces the events leading up to the tsunami of 2014 which wiped away many cities including Bombay, setting up for the Many Lives Series to unfold.

About AWAKENED (Many Lives Prequel Series, 1)

Save the city.

Save her friend.

Save her soul.

For the first time in her life, Ruby Iyer knows exactly what she must do.  As criminals run rampant, it’s up to Ruby to save the city that she holds so dear. Armed with an ancient sword, a weapon most would kill for, Ruby enlists the help of the sexy and irresistible Vik Roy, a rogue cop. Together, they embark on a perilous journey.

Vik may be the only person Ruby can truly count on—and need. The more they work side-by-side, the more intense is the attraction between them. And, when the chemistry finally ignites, neither can deny the desire for each other.

But when they begin to uncover secrets—secrets Ruby was never meant to learn—she doesn’t know who she can trust.  Her friends may be her enemies, and her enemies just might be out to save her.

Now, it’s up to Ruby to not only battle for her city, but fight to protect her heart as well.

Get Awakened here:


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