Author Guest Post – B K Harrell

Please welcome author  B K Harrell on to the blog.  Their contemporary romance  The Infertile Heart is now available on Amazon. 

It’s A Woman’s World…What Are You Doing In It


            The most common question I get asked by people is why contemporary romance.  This is genre dominated by female writers that has long intrigued me.  I started reading romance books in 2010 and have read over one thousand books since then.  I used to joke that it was research, but the truth is, I really enjoy the genre…There very few genres out there that are designed to make the reader feel good when they finish the book.

            The truth is that I’m a romantic at heart.  I enjoyed the classics growing up, Austen, Bronte (yes both of them), Margaret Mitchell, Thomas Hardy, and current author Nicholas Sparks (that love affair has dimmed).  I remember the important dates in our relationship, the early morning sunrises, and the sunsets.  So, romance always seemed to be where I was heading when I began my writing career.

            I think that it is important to write what you know.  It makes it more believable than writing about things outside of our comfort zone.  In my writing, I focus on three sub-genres in contemporary romance: medical, military and sports.  I try to ensure that there is as much realism as possible in my writing and that the reader doesn’t go away thinking about silly mistakes that I made.  As a reader, I’m very critical of the things that other authors write.  I hate to see simple mistakes made when referring to proper military terminology or medications being given in incorrect forms.  infertileheartMy hope is that readers will appreciate the time and effort I put into ensuring everything is correct when they read the story.

            To answer the question I started with, I write romance because I love a happily ever after.  I like seeing the joy in people faces when the hero and heroine finally give into their love and passion for one another.  Finally, I love letting my romantic side run free.



To contact B K Harrell you can use the information listed below:

Twitter: @cigardoc

 Purchase Links for The Infertile Heart are below! 

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