There is a growing trend in news media to spread rumours, fearmonger, and right-wing views carefully cloaked in freedom of speech.  Thier intent is to stir up general feelings of xenophobia and racism.  The rising tide of these headlines was in part responsible for the referendum result.  Whilst we continue to be afraid of anybody different we’ll vote for the politician that will protect us from the growing spread of differentness.

To combat this we need to call articles, reports, and newspapers to account.   If you are a regular viewer of the Daily Mail then you know that practically anything can and does cause cancer and there are billions of migrants, immigrants, and refugees who are in Britain to systematically, steal out jobs, women, NHS services, and benefits.  These fearmongering lies have us voicing invective that is reminiscent of the Third Riech and Hitler’s most well-known speeches!

Grab your brown shirts and vote for UKIP!

We don’t have to behave like this. We don’t have to be xenophobic or racist and we don’t have to fear.

Yes, there are poor people in the UK,  people struggling for money every day, but we don’t live with the bombing of our homes, we don’t have to work out if we can afford medical treatments and generally we don’t have to walk miles for food and clean water.   We don’t get tortured over our sexual orientation or killed because we have a different religion.  We’re lucky and we should appreciate what we have.

Instead, we begrudge and hate on those who have come here.

Obviously, some are economic migrants, moving to Britain to work.  Most do jobs we balk at, some work in our NHS as doctors and nurses, providing care to everyone regardless of where they come from or what religion they are.  They pay taxes like us and put into our economy too so how can you begrudge them being here?

Amongst those economic migrants are the ones who put on a team shirt and play for your favourite football team and you don’t seem to mind them do you?

I’ve called this blog post #stopfundinghate.   This hashtag surfaced on twitter and spread across social media platforms. This campaign is aimed at the companies who advertise in the same newspapers that promote xenophobia with their misleading headlines. Polite messages are sent to the company asking them to reconsider placing adverts in the newspapers.

Lego has already removed its advertising revenue from the Daily Mail.

I emphasise that messages to various companies are polite. That they take into account the ethical values of the company and highlight why advertising in certain newspapers is in breach of them.

To add your voice,  search for #StopFundingHate on Facebook or Twitter.  Get in contact with the organisers or just retweet the hashtag where you see it.  Join calls to action by them which may involve emailing customer service.  Remember to be polite in your dealings with companies.

This campaign is not about attacking free speech it’s about having the news media be responsible for what it prints and making them  print truths, not rumours and exaggerations.




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