The Mad King

The Mad King

By JoVee Winters

A new world in chaos, and a legendary love that never was…

the-mad-kingHatter and Alice. Alice and Hatter. Two parts making up one whole. Their love was legend, until a curse came and ripped them apart forever. Rewriting their past, present, and future. But a couple of powerful fairy godmothers and one taciturn god are determined that curse or no, the lives of two of Kingdom’s most famous inhabitants will be set to rights. Only problem is, one of them has just died and time is now running out for the other. Can Kingdom ever be restored again?

Only time will tell…


The Mad King is live at Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, and BN.This book will remain vendor wide for approximately 2 weeks before making it exclusive to Amazon. Also, for those who’ve been wondering, The Dark Queen will be going wide again in just a few more days. The Fairy Queen will, likewise, follow in about a month’s time. Links below.

Amazon US:





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