Fighting the good fight without going mad

Worth a read in for the times to come.

Wine, Women & Wordplay

So Donald Trump is the President of the United States and a lot of people are very frightened.

I am a student of history (literally, I studied it at university) and I see very alarming parallels between the actions of the Trump administration and the early days of Hitler and the Nazis.  I’m not alone in this. The tweet below went viral this week, because many people can see the same similarities.


I am worried about where this is going and I am worried about what is happening right now.

There are people in America who have been racially and sexually threatened or attacked since Trump came on the Presidential scene, because if it’s okay for the President (or Presidential candidate, or President elect), it’s okay for everyone else.

There are Americans who have been stranded or deported because they were born in another country, and American Muslims who are…

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