Using my Voice

I’m a 48%-er.  I’m in a minority.  I’m disenfranchised.

And I really don’t like it.

As a remain voter, I’ve encountered more harassment, vitriol, and hatred than if I were a guard at a concentration camp.

Okay, so maybe that was a bit of an overstatement,  the sentiment still remains.  People have deliberately created fake social media profiles to harass and harangue me and other people who believe that we shouldn’t leave the EU.

We’re labelled ‘Remoaners’,  we’re called ‘snowflakes’.  On a daily basis, I’m called Liberal and the less pleasant, Libtard.

I’ve talked a lot about the reasons people voted leave, sometimes someone will come along and try to defend their own reason for putting an x in the leave box.  They’ll intellectualise and pontificate and in the end, they’ll finally reveal that they aren’t a racist but they just don’t want foreigners over here.

There was a cartoon floating around the various remain groups I’m in, it showed a man in a box and the punchline was ‘Schrodinger’s Migrant’  – a man that is both stealing your job and your benefits.  It is very apt.

There are many people to blame for the position that the UK finds itself in, not least of which is Prime Minister Theresa May who is gleefully leading us down the Brexit path.  She claims to have the will of the people behind her failing to factor in the 48% who oppose this.  She doesn’t have my voice and she doesn’t speak for me.  In fact, neither does our gallant parliamentary opposition. Labour are so scared of rebellion they’ve instructed their 3 Line Whip to “encourage” MP’s to vote for our Brexit sized doom.

Why am I so sure that leaving the EU is a mistake? In fact, how can I be so sure? The answer is simple, after every comment made by either the Remain or Leave sides I went off and did my own research. I read and digested information from many sources. I looked at what the experts were saying and what the news media wanted us to believe.

If the Daily Mail printed it then I knew it was a lie.  

Once we leave the EU there is no turning back and without the EU to blame for everything the Government will have a lot of explaining to do.



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