Emma Harper


Beneath an Ocean of Sky

By Emma Harper

oung and beautiful Martha Kendall is in need of a change. She has been stuck living on her parent’s farm in Oklahoma while her older sisters are enjoying happy lives elsewhere with their husbands. Her mother, Helen is supportive, but her father, Daniel is a bitter man who spends far too much time with a bottle of whiskey in his hand. The only bright spot is her brother David who returns home for college. Daniel refuses to allow Martha to go to a large social event where several other young people will be present. When she goes, against her father’s wishes, he becomes abusive. The time is right for Martha to escape. One day she stops by the newsstand and picks up a copy of the Matrimonial Times. She can’t believe that she is answering an ad in this paper…
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Beside Me

By Emma Harper

Martha and Randall are enjoying the bliss of their new married life together on the ranch. However, it isn’t long before another threat to their peaceful life rears its head. Randall’s neighbor Frank lost a land dispute with him some time ago and has never forgotten it. Frank decides to arrange to have Martha kidnapped and held for ransom in order to gain compensation for the land. Frank sends two men to kidnap Martha, but she manages to get away from them and escapes into the woods. Will Randall be able to rescue his lovely new bride from Frank and the perils of the Montana wilderness?
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Price of Love

By Emma Harper

Katherine McFarlene was sold, like cattle, to help stabilize her family’s ranch. Her hopes and dreams of finding true love and romance were destroyed as her future would be determined by Guy Hunter. Guy was everything she wanted physically in a husband, strong masculine build, thick wavy hair, green memorizing eyes and a smile that would make any girl’s heart melt. When Guy formerly requested her hand in courtship, she couldn’t be more excited, but then tragedy reared its ugly head. Guy and Katherine were now on different ends of the ring. How was she supposed to marry a man that pulled away when things got tough? How was she supposed to feel cared for and loved when he was never around?
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