Pretty Little Liars*

*The TV series not the books.

I arrived late to Pretty Little Liars,  the show was on Season 4 before I started binge watching it.  It took some time to get into, lots of interesting side stories, obvious cliches, predictable moments vied against the inherent mystery of who was A.

Along came the first of many “big reveals”. First we discovered A, then Uber A, and in just a couple of episodes we’ll finally get who is AD.  The final A.  The mastermind.

In just two episodes they are going to manage to wrap up all the stories, the plot twists, and reveal a murderer.

A, in many guises, has been holding four girls (Spencer Hastings, Hanna Marin, Aria Montgomery, and Emily Fields) captive figuratively with blackmail and then on different occasions, literally captive in a real live doll house.  The girls are emotionally tortured and on occasion, physically as well.

But the thing that gets me is why didn’t they just go to the police in the first place, ‘fess up to what they’d done and get A (in whatever guise) out in the open.  Although it seems as though they are not alone in having secrets, their parents have as much to hide at times.

My favourite one of the four girls is Aria Montgomery (played by actress Lucy Hale), she’s the arty creative type and has “written a bit”.  What’s not to like about that?  The other girls are Spencer, the ‘smart one’, Hanna the fashionable one,  and finally, Emily is the sporty one.

Amongst the other characters we have love interests, potential suspects, and people trying to find out what is going on.

More information on the books can be found here:


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