Broken Branches – M Jonathan Lee

A Full Five Stars for this Impressive Book.

Broken Branches is a book by M Jonathan Lee published by Hideaway Fall Publishing.

I don’t often hand out a full five stars unless I find the story gripping, the dialogue honest, and the plot involved enough to keep me interested. In Broken Branches by M Jonathan Lee I I found all three.

The story opens up with the atmospheric description of a cursed tree. The cloying branches reaching towards a storybook type cottage but inside it is far from the happy family set up. There is something remaining unspoken between the main characters, we’re confronted by Rachel’s distance from Ian. He believes that if he solves the mystery of his family’s curse then he can reach her.

Whilst we don’t see much from Rachel’s point of view during the story it is in a way mirroring Ian’s own separation from his wife. If this was intentional on the part of the author then it certainly was a masterstroke. There were moments in the story that left you gasping and holding your breath as you read on. The suspense and moments of dread increased as Ian moved closer to the answers he needed.

If you want a story that will keep you guessing until the last pages, a creepy read filled with ethereal touches then let Broken Branches reach out for you…




Charlie Gard

Charlie Gard is an 11-month-old baby suffering from a rare genetic condition currently on life support at Great Ormand Street Hospital (GOSH) in London.  Doctors have gone o court to appeal for the child’s life support to be removed and allowing him to die peacefully.  His parents fought and appealed the decision, even taking the case to the European Courts.  Currently, it is going through another appeals procedure, as an American doctor has offered an experimental treatment. People from all over the globe have become involved from President Trump to the Pope.

Today the news was full of how the staff working at GOSH are receiving death threats over the Charlie Gard case, I’ve been reading up on it. The poor child in question is going to die and it is now a case of when. GOSH have been to court several times to say that now is enough and it’s time to let the baby die in peace.

There isn’t a parent on the planet that wouldn’t fight for their child and credit to the parents of Charlie Gard for their fight but now is their time to look at the whole picture.
An infamous doctor in America wants to try an EXPERIMENTAL nucleoside therapy that he cannot guarantee would even work, let alone if it did would only offer a 10% chance of improvement in Charlie Gard’s health.
Ten percent. Let that sink in. Even if it works it won’t prevent the eventual death of Charlie Gard, who present medical condition include: MDDS starving Charlie Gard’s muscles, kidneys, and brain of the energy needed to function. Because of his epileptic encephalopathy, Charlie also suffers from frequent seizures and has extensive, irreversible brain damage at both the structural and cellular level. Does this sound like a life you want to prolong?
There are only two reasons why this American doctor has become involved, notoriety and money – Charlie Gard’s parents have raised £1.5 million to pay for the treatment.
People can sit on either side of the argument and throw stones at the other but here’s what I think you should do, just stop and think about Charlie. Not the parents, not the American doctor, not even GOSH. Just think about Charlie because if he were your son would you want him to keep suffering?

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Burning Hearts – K M Lowe

Burning Hearts – A Dark Loss By KM Lowe
Release Day- Friday 21st July 
Burning Hearts A Dark Loss Facebook Cover Art
Being a fireman is a tough job. For Jase McGrady, saving lives, helping people, and supporting his colleagues are rewards in themselves. And then the unthinkable happens.

Jase had a life, a job he loved, a fiancée, a future. Until the one thing he believed he could always win against took the one thing he loved, and he couldn’t do a thing to save her. One fire and Jase’s life had gone up in smoke.

Jase’s life now hangs out of balance. He doesn’t know how to live without the one person he grew up with. He doesn’t want to live without her. He doesn’t want to face another day on his own.

His life spirals out of control and he doesn’t want help. He doesn’t want to live with this guilt he has hanging over his head every day. His control has slipped and he doesn’t know how to get it back. But his friend and colleague, Mark, steps up and takes the brunt of Jase’s anger and frustration. He pushes him to face his demons.

Only time will tell if Jase will return as a firefighter, or whether he will be forever lost in the dark abyss that is now his life.

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DEAD COLD Excerpt: The Search for an Abducted Girl

Check this out! Within a few minutes, you’ll be as hooked on this story as I am!

Author Jennifer Chase



An Emily Stone Thriller

Copyright © 2017 by Jennifer Chase


Life is not worth living if you cannot make a difference—right a wrong, save an innocent life, or catch a serial killer. ~ Emily Stone



ESCAPE WAS IMPOSSIBLE. TEARS STREAMED down her face as she sat in the darkness and waited for the man to return. There was no other choice—but to wait.

She hadn’t eaten anything in three days and had only a limited amount of water—her strength continued to fade with every hour. With her wrists and ankles secured with duct tape, her skin stung with pain every time she struggled to move. At least the man had peeled the tape from her eyes and mouth so that she could see something besides pitch-blackness.

Even if she could escape, the only way to safety was jumping into the frigid water, but she could…

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I lost the love…

This is my favourite poem. What’s yours?

Tele's Word Bites

I lost the love of heaven above by John Clare

I lost the love of heaven above,

I spurned the lust of earth below,

I felt the sweets of fancied love,

And hell itself my only foe.

I lost earth’s joys, but felt the glow

Of heaven’s flame abound in me,

Till loveliness and I did grow

The bard of immortality.

I loved, but woman fell away;

I hid me from her faded flame.

I snatched the sun’s eternal ray

And wrote till earth was but a name.

In every language upon earth,

On every shore, o’er every sea,

I gave my name immortal birth

And kept my spirit with the free.

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The A – Z of Crime Fiction

So I had this idea for a series of blog posts last night – the A – Z of Crime Fiction, sounds fancy doesn’t it?

Sue Grafton aside from being one of my favourite authors, devised a series of novels using the alphabet in her titles.  ‘A’ was of course for Alibi, B for Burglar, C for Corpse and so on.  Her novels are not an in-depth treatise on crime, despite the cunning amount of detail she includes but they are well thought out good reads.

It got me thinking about all the crime and thriller books I’ve read and the full stories I’ve actually written and the amount of research that goes into them.  A perfect crime novel doesn’t have to have complicated deaths to be successful, just an intriguing mystery that keeps you guessing throughout the story.  That is the hook in the story, knowing that anyone of the characters could have done it.

Of course, there are novelists who have spun the plot, giving you the murderer and then letting you and the detective character learn why and how.  Or other variations.  Murder mysteries have been around a long time since the Medieval period, however, they achieved a rise in popularity in the late 1800’s, first with Edgar Allan Poe and then Wilkie Collins.  Followed quickly by the most famous detective of them all,  Sherlock Holmes penned by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Whatever style of mystery story you like to read, sometimes you can’t beat a classic good whodunnit.

And so, I leave you with this, the A to Z of Crime Fiction.  A is for….

Of Cinder and Madness (Once Upon a Darkened Night Book 1)




The stories about her have been greatly exaggerated. Yes, she is beautiful, with wavy blond hair and big, blue eyes and flawless skin, but her charming façade is a lie, a mask, a deceit.

Yes, yes, I’m sure you think me merely jealous. I’m not. I’m the victim, and I can prove it.

You see, Eleonore deserves to be locked away. My, she even deserves to be killed!

This gripping retelling of a much-loved fairy tale will make you question all you think you know about the girl who steals away to a ball and leaves behind a slipper

Renewed Magic – Stephany Wallace

Renewed Magic, An Ancient Novel book 2, is now Available for Pre-Order!

How can one choose between right and wrong, when the line blurs before our eyes?

After the devastating battle at the lake, all Briana has left is pain. Feeling lost and among people who see her as an outsider, she finds it harder to accept her destiny.

As her fate unfolds, Bri finds the hope she desperately needs to embrace her future. But when the enemy returns, threatening to destroy everything she has achieved, it will ignite a need for justice others see as revenge. Yet, fighting for what she believes might just cost her the most important person in her life…

The man she loves.

Will the light inside Bri guide her to the right path, or will she succumb to the darkness?

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*This book is NA. A YA version will be available soon.