Having to care…

There are a lot of things going on in the world right now, a rise in sexism, racism, and general crappiness towards other people.  On the climate side we use too much plastic, are exhausting our fossil fuels and experiencing freak weather.  It’s really too much to deal with on a daily basis especially if like me you worry about stuff.

But what is really annoying is the general expectation that we need to care about this stuff, that we should be proactive and boycott companies, expect ethical alternatives, demonstrate against inequality.

Yes, we need to be aware of what is going on but can we just slow a minute to appreciate where we are and why we should focus our energy on a certain subject instead of rattling our sabres at EVERYTHING.  I’m suffering from social conscience fatigue where there are too many things to fight against so that when something new happens I can no longer summon the energy to be angry or upset about it.

It is at this point that people come along and tell me I NEED to be upset. That I NEED to do something.


I’ve been fighting against Brexit since the Referendum to the point where I had to deactivate Facebook because the constant stream of negativity was getting to be too much to deal with.  It’s like the result gave people the right to be openly racist and just generally horrible.

To the point where people, who have no idea what the EU even does mind you, will argue about how wrong you are without a single fact to back themselves up.  They cling to this ideological concept of Britain that will never exist except in their own little brains.

Sure, we can get rid of the EU migrant workers. We ALWAYS could. It was just the inefficient Home Office that couldn’t be arsed to do it’s job.

No, they do not claim benefits and get social housing as soon as they land.

Actually, most of them pay tax to the UK Government.

And.  A large percentage of them are really nice people who’d actually help you out if you needed it.

Yet we’re supposed to believe that they are some evil entity coming here just to steal jobs, benefits, and housing – and mug us in our own homes.  This negative image is just one put about by Leave, and not so far off the propaganda that was spread about Jews by the Nazi party before and during the Second World War.

This is where humanity is? It’s 2018 now so why are we still doing this crap?

Don’t tell me what I should care about.  I do care.   I’m just worn out right now.



Wordsmith’s Corner

I’ve created a forum where authors can come together and find resources to help them from editing tips to submission guides.


I’m looking for new members to come and add their input to it to help it get up and running.  If this appeals then please come and join.  Even more important feel free to let your friends know about it.

Mastermind – The Duke’s Secret Life by Lizabeth Scott

Release Blitz, Mastermind – The Duke’s Secret Life by Author Lizabeth Scott


Billionaires of White Oaks Book 3

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Down and out,
Nobody to call, no place to stay.
I did what I had to,
I needed to survive.

Squatting in an old apartment complex wasn’t my best move,
But moving in with the sexy and sensitive owner of the building couldn’t be any worse.
After all, he just wants to help,
And I can’t resist the kindness of this particular stranger.

He’s proper and serious,
Unlike anyone I’ve ever met.
He saved me,
And now it’s my turn to save him,
From himself.

I’ve never known anyone like her,
Gorgeous, smart, and slightly naïve,
But her sense of humor has me begging for more.
I’m drawn to her in ways I can’t even explain.

Insisting she move in was my best decision,
And now, I’m getting to know Harlow in every way,
Feeling like she may be the Duchess to my Duke.

But, I need to come clean about me,
Let her know the truth about me,
About my life.
Can a woman like her handle the secret I’ve been hiding?

Each book in this small-town hot romance series can be read as a standalone, but for a richer reading experience, the following order is recommended:
Heartbreaker – April & Elias
Troublemaker – Rachael & Kyle
Mastermind – Harlow & Duke
Hothead – Baylee & Smith

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Lizabeth spent years doing extensive research in preparation for writing her own stories by reading every romance book she could get her hands on. At least that’s how she justifies her HUGE collection of romance books to Mr. Scott.

Lizabeth Scott

Liz grew up on a dairy farm in western North Carolina where she wrote her first story at the age of thirteen. She married her high school sweetheart and they have 2 kids and 1 simply adorable grand with another on the way. With her children now settled and on their own Liz pulled her dreams of writing back out and that little spark that sizzled for years caught fire and is now roaring back to life.

Liz loves to read and write stories about quirky, endearing heroines and the strong, handsome heroes who love them to distraction. She promises you a few laughs along the way with some steamy and charming moments thrown in but always a happy ever after.

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It’s been a while since I’ve been here. I’ve been distracted by real life. First I had a temping job for a few months and then I was working on a Business Administration qualification and finally doing a boatload of editing.

It’s also disheartening to put so much effort into this blog and not get any comments or the views especially from the authors that I’m spotlighting here.  I understand that these are busy people and how hard it is to keep up with social media but if someone is going to the trouble of pimping your work surely just clicking a like button is fair?

So anyway,  I’m back to looking for another job.  Back on the magic roundabout of job applications, CV updates, telephone interviews, interviews and rejections.  I tick all the right boxes but just can’t get that final step.  But what can I do except to keep trying.