How to live out of a suitcase…

Due to my circumstances I’ve spent the last year living out of a suitcase.   I’ve come to realise that I need things.  I need a lot of things.

When I packed it was throw everything together and get on with it kind of panic packing that left me with a bunch of vest tops, leggings and a few skirts.  There was nothing remotely smart in the bag ans so I’ve resorted to panic buying.   First a mint green tunic with chiffon type hem and then a couple of tops I found in a charity shop.   Vest tops with chiffon overshirts, one in pale pink and the other in white. When ironed they look respectable and even semi-smart when teamed with my black skirt.

I also manged to get a yellow patterned sleeveless top for cheap from my catalogue when I had to reorder and buy new leggings.

Although I packed some make-up I didn’t put in a lipstick.  I’ve since bought a couple but avoiding the shades I know are in my other make-up.  And I’ve spent the year using just one handbag. How I hate this handbag now, and how I miss my over the shoulder denim number I brought back from Spain or any number of other handbags that had to go into storage.

I simply can’t wait until I reunited with my wardrobe, with my jewellery and make-up.  I am a girl underneath it all and I miss that stuff.  On the other hand I now know that I have too much stuff.  Things I never wear but love so I keep it in my wardrobe, things I can’t get into anymore but I have good memories off so they stay too.

I’ve given away clothes to friends,  some of them new or that I only wore once, plus more to charity shops.  Its a start of revamping my life but as soon as I’m settled I’ll be doing a lot more.


Moving House!

The time has come for me to move house. I’m not doing because I want to, the owner has decided that they want to sell the property and so with a basket load of regret and anxiety I’m frantically searching for a new place to live.

But this blog post isn’t about that, it’s about my wardrobe.

Eons ago I started writing posts about the ‘101 Things from my Wardrobe’ and now with a house move forced upon me I have to go through my clothes and actually, gasp horror, get rid of some.

This is not going to be easy, it’s also going to hurt. Just how am I supposed to narrow down what I want to keep and what must go? Having not bought a great deal of new clothes for the past few years I’m also faced with the fact that my favourite outfits have seen better days, worn and much washed along with much loved is it possible that I now have an excuse to buy new clothes once I move? But isn’t that just replacing what I’m getting rid off and just perpetuating the cycle?

How many clothes do we need? What is too many?

How do I narrow down what I keep and what I get rid off? Currently looking for a new job I have to keep my business suit for interviews and along with that the smart little tops that go with it. Then skirts for summer, or for winter. Long skirts, short skirts, smart casual and just casual. Trousers, leggings, shorts. The list grows. A wealth of jumpers sits waiting for me. Those smart little ones waiting to be teamed with smart trousers or a business like skirt for office wear and chunky knits perfect for keeping warm on winters nights. How do I determine which pieces go and which stay?

I can’t select by colour because in case you haven’t guessed it yet the colour scheme in my wardrobe is mostly black with added shades of black. Not just the basic items but much of my wardrobe is black. There are cute tops, vests, leggings, trousers, skirts, dresses. And accessories. Scarves, belts, and jewellery. More than I wear or will probably ever wear but throwing them out is not an option, some are sentimental items whilst I know the moment I discard one item it will immediately be needed.

So maybe I should just…. er…. keep everything?

A Touch of Elegance

Continuing on from ‘101 Things from my Wardrobe’ I want to talk about a touch of elegance.   No matter what your budget or your personal style there are things that you should always have in your wardrobe.

Item 2 – The little black dress….

As I mentioned my wardrobe is a little bit full* so I have several LBDs. There is nothing like the feel of glamour when you get ready to go out somewhere and you put on your LBD. The feel of the smooth material on your skin, the excitement of the event to come. Knowing that you look good in it adds to the ‘feel good’ factor.

My favourite LBD is a  little black velvet number. It’s sleeveless with a cowl neck that drapes decorously over the cleavage in such a way it adds to the sexiness of the outfit.  The dress is  mid length and slinks down to fall at mid calf.  Bought many years ago from a store that no longer exists I love the way this dress makes me feel when I wear it let alone that after many years it is still stylish and comfortable.

The next dress I have is a floaty number.  Again although another sleeveless dress it does have a small frill at the shoulders, more of a flounce than cap sleeves. This dress is knee length and has a gold floral pattern on it that is subtle enough to be delicate and bold enough to be added glitter.

My third dress is a skimpy spaghetti strapped number.  Again made of floaty material it skims the knees and I know I don’t wear it often enough to provide a reason to hang on to it.

My final dress is more of a ‘tea dress’ than an evening dress. Made of cotton with lace and crocheted  details this is by far the most worn dress of all four.  Small sleeves, V neck, flared knee length shirt.  Every time I wear this dress I feel girlie and flirty.

That is the thing about dresses, no matter what the occasion and reason for wearing them they should make you feel good about yourself. They should make you want to be seen in them.  Want you to have a touch of elegance or glamour wherever you are.


* more like overflowing in such a way I really need a third (yes, third) wardrobe.

101 things from my wardrobe

Yesterday I dipped into my wardrobe and found a top I had forgotten I owned. This isn’t a novel happening as my wardrobes are kinda full to overflowing with clothes and shoes.  And seriously you should see my handbag collection! Anyway, feeling inspired I thought I’d share with you my fashion tips and trade secrets to have a personal look regardless of what fashion dictates.  Oh yeah, and my style choice is about comfort, not just chilling out and relaxing but feeling good in the clothes I wear, feeling comfortable in my skin.

Item 1 – Black Deck Shoes

Unlike most fashion divas my deck shoes are a few years old.   Made of canvas with black laces they are the most comfortable shoes I own.   Lately I’ve been teaming them with black bootleg trousers and a casual top or black jumper.   They’ve lingered in back of my wardrobe as I go through phases of liking them or even actually forgetting I own a pair of decks.

I’ve teamed them with a black maxi skirt and also leggings.  Accessioning them with jeans or shorts is a little bit too 1980’s vibe and too skater girl with a dress.  Although that may happen if we get a nice summer.

Back in the early 90’s I used to wear canvas tennis shoes, white with white laces which always seemed a bit boring so I tended to paint them with fabric paints and although I aimed for the same pattern on each shoe because of the way the fabric absorbed the colour they would look a little different from each other.  I didn’t mind this because these shoes were mine, and in hand-crafting them in this way they were as individual as me.

black deck