Charlie Gard

Charlie Gard is an 11-month-old baby suffering from a rare genetic condition currently on life support at Great Ormand Street Hospital (GOSH) in London.  Doctors have gone o court to appeal for the child’s life support to be removed and allowing him to die peacefully.  His parents fought and appealed the decision, even taking the case to the European Courts.  Currently, it is going through another appeals procedure, as an American doctor has offered an experimental treatment. People from all over the globe have become involved from President Trump to the Pope.

Today the news was full of how the staff working at GOSH are receiving death threats over the Charlie Gard case, I’ve been reading up on it. The poor child in question is going to die and it is now a case of when. GOSH have been to court several times to say that now is enough and it’s time to let the baby die in peace.

There isn’t a parent on the planet that wouldn’t fight for their child and credit to the parents of Charlie Gard for their fight but now is their time to look at the whole picture.
An infamous doctor in America wants to try an EXPERIMENTAL nucleoside therapy that he cannot guarantee would even work, let alone if it did would only offer a 10% chance of improvement in Charlie Gard’s health.
Ten percent. Let that sink in. Even if it works it won’t prevent the eventual death of Charlie Gard, who present medical condition include: MDDS starving Charlie Gard’s muscles, kidneys, and brain of the energy needed to function. Because of his epileptic encephalopathy, Charlie also suffers from frequent seizures and has extensive, irreversible brain damage at both the structural and cellular level. Does this sound like a life you want to prolong?
There are only two reasons why this American doctor has become involved, notoriety and money – Charlie Gard’s parents have raised £1.5 million to pay for the treatment.
People can sit on either side of the argument and throw stones at the other but here’s what I think you should do, just stop and think about Charlie. Not the parents, not the American doctor, not even GOSH. Just think about Charlie because if he were your son would you want him to keep suffering?


Using my Voice

I’m a 48%-er.  I’m in a minority.  I’m disenfranchised.

And I really don’t like it.

As a remain voter, I’ve encountered more harassment, vitriol, and hatred than if I were a guard at a concentration camp.

Okay, so maybe that was a bit of an overstatement,  the sentiment still remains.  People have deliberately created fake social media profiles to harass and harangue me and other people who believe that we shouldn’t leave the EU.

We’re labelled ‘Remoaners’,  we’re called ‘snowflakes’.  On a daily basis, I’m called Liberal and the less pleasant, Libtard.

I’ve talked a lot about the reasons people voted leave, sometimes someone will come along and try to defend their own reason for putting an x in the leave box.  They’ll intellectualise and pontificate and in the end, they’ll finally reveal that they aren’t a racist but they just don’t want foreigners over here.

There was a cartoon floating around the various remain groups I’m in, it showed a man in a box and the punchline was ‘Schrodinger’s Migrant’  – a man that is both stealing your job and your benefits.  It is very apt.

There are many people to blame for the position that the UK finds itself in, not least of which is Prime Minister Theresa May who is gleefully leading us down the Brexit path.  She claims to have the will of the people behind her failing to factor in the 48% who oppose this.  She doesn’t have my voice and she doesn’t speak for me.  In fact, neither does our gallant parliamentary opposition. Labour are so scared of rebellion they’ve instructed their 3 Line Whip to “encourage” MP’s to vote for our Brexit sized doom.

Why am I so sure that leaving the EU is a mistake? In fact, how can I be so sure? The answer is simple, after every comment made by either the Remain or Leave sides I went off and did my own research. I read and digested information from many sources. I looked at what the experts were saying and what the news media wanted us to believe.

If the Daily Mail printed it then I knew it was a lie.  

Once we leave the EU there is no turning back and without the EU to blame for everything the Government will have a lot of explaining to do.



There is a growing trend in news media to spread rumours, fearmonger, and right-wing views carefully cloaked in freedom of speech.  Thier intent is to stir up general feelings of xenophobia and racism.  The rising tide of these headlines was in part responsible for the referendum result.  Whilst we continue to be afraid of anybody different we’ll vote for the politician that will protect us from the growing spread of differentness.

To combat this we need to call articles, reports, and newspapers to account.   If you are a regular viewer of the Daily Mail then you know that practically anything can and does cause cancer and there are billions of migrants, immigrants, and refugees who are in Britain to systematically, steal out jobs, women, NHS services, and benefits.  These fearmongering lies have us voicing invective that is reminiscent of the Third Riech and Hitler’s most well-known speeches!

Grab your brown shirts and vote for UKIP!

We don’t have to behave like this. We don’t have to be xenophobic or racist and we don’t have to fear.

Yes, there are poor people in the UK,  people struggling for money every day, but we don’t live with the bombing of our homes, we don’t have to work out if we can afford medical treatments and generally we don’t have to walk miles for food and clean water.   We don’t get tortured over our sexual orientation or killed because we have a different religion.  We’re lucky and we should appreciate what we have.

Instead, we begrudge and hate on those who have come here.

Obviously, some are economic migrants, moving to Britain to work.  Most do jobs we balk at, some work in our NHS as doctors and nurses, providing care to everyone regardless of where they come from or what religion they are.  They pay taxes like us and put into our economy too so how can you begrudge them being here?

Amongst those economic migrants are the ones who put on a team shirt and play for your favourite football team and you don’t seem to mind them do you?

I’ve called this blog post #stopfundinghate.   This hashtag surfaced on twitter and spread across social media platforms. This campaign is aimed at the companies who advertise in the same newspapers that promote xenophobia with their misleading headlines. Polite messages are sent to the company asking them to reconsider placing adverts in the newspapers.

Lego has already removed its advertising revenue from the Daily Mail.

I emphasise that messages to various companies are polite. That they take into account the ethical values of the company and highlight why advertising in certain newspapers is in breach of them.

To add your voice,  search for #StopFundingHate on Facebook or Twitter.  Get in contact with the organisers or just retweet the hashtag where you see it.  Join calls to action by them which may involve emailing customer service.  Remember to be polite in your dealings with companies.

This campaign is not about attacking free speech it’s about having the news media be responsible for what it prints and making them  print truths, not rumours and exaggerations.



Inspiring Women

Fanny Wright was born in Dundee in 1795. She travelled to America in 1818 and 1824 and, during the second visit, published A Plan for the Gradual Abolition of Slavery in the United States, which urged Congress to set aside land for emancipated slaves. S

It was in 1818, that Fanny Wright travelled to America for the first time and was enthralled by the possibilities that the new nation offered, writing that the system of representative government “has been carried to perfection in America”.

Indeed, it seemed that she only found one black mark on America’s name: the continuing existence of slavery, which she called “odious beyond all that the imagination can conceive”.  She wrote a book on her experiences entitled, ‘Views of Society and Manners in America’.  which apparently cemented her place as an intellectual.

She returned to America in 1824 and became a citizen in 1825.  It was there that she met a fellow Scot, Robert Owen, who was addressing Congress on the topic of improving working conditions for labourers (as he had done in his own mills).

Inspired by Owen’s utopian ideas, Wright bought a plot of land on the Tennessee frontier and named it Nashoba, populating it with thirty former black slaves and several white overseers. She intended  to create a community where former slaves could work and gain an education, however. this failed and she was forced to relocate the former slaves to Haiti.

In her absence on that trip, her reputation was tarnished and she withdrew  temporarily before becoming an advocate for social reform and women’s equal rights.




I’m tired today.

I’m tired of posting about the racial and sexual attacks that are going on in America following the election. I’m tired of it because people refuse to believe that it is happening. I’ve just read a bunch of tweets from women who have been grabbed and threatened and no one seems to care. People are flat-out saying they are lying.

I’m tired because I know it’s going to get worse. That people are going to end up dying, being killed. That is what happens when hate and fear rule us. We give in to the stupid actions that get people killed.

I’m tired because this is the world that I’m living in. That the progression successive generations have made towards equality have been wiped away with fear-mongering and hatred, and I have to ask, aren’t we better than this? Shouldn’t we be better than this?


The History of the Poppy

After the devastation of the First World War, people were seeking a way to come to terms with the devasting loss.  A generation of young men was no longer in the bosom of their families but buried in foreign graveyards.  People had no way to mourn, to remember until YMCA worker, Moina Belle Michael came up with the idea using the red poppy as a way of showing support and remembrance.


In her memoir, she states that she searched all the shops for the simple red-petaled flower and upon finding some she held a conversation with the shop assistant regarding them, this sales assistant having lost her brother in war also.



Inspiration came from the John McCrae poem ‘In Flander’s Fields’, Canadian officer McCrae, had noticed that the scarred battlefield produced the vibrant flowers when the fighting had ceased It was believed that he used this imagery in his poem after also seeing the bloom growing on his friend’s grave.

The vibrancy of the flower with its silky petals seems such a contradiction to the destruction of the battlefields, the scars of which still pockmark the land today.


Having sold her silk poppies for a number of years around New York, Moina Belle Michael continued to campaign for the flower to be a symbol of remembrance.  Finally, at a conference of the National American Legion in 1920, the poppy became the adopted icon. Also, present at the conference was a French nurse, Madame Anna E Guérin, a founder of the ‘American and French Children’s League, who became responsible for the symbolic poppy to travel over the Atlantic and into France.

Anna Guerin organized French women, children, and war veterans to make artificial poppies out of cloth which was then sold. The proceeds when to restoration efforts. In 1921 she traveled to allied nations or sent others with the intention of passing on the message of making, selling, and wearing the poppy.


In November 1921 the poppy was first sold in the UK where proceeds when to help the ex-servicemen.  From there it was adopted by the Royal British Legion who used ex-service personnel to manufacture and sell them.

Poppies are now sold worldwide, with the proceeds going to help the ex-services.



Does someone want to clue me in on why there are so many sitcoms about drug dealers actually on air?

What, it’s only about pot so that makes it okay? Whatever beneficial uses there are about pot there are loads of reasons never to touch the stuff. Like stronger strains of the drug causing higher amounts of mental illnesses, for example. It also leads to depression, addictions, and regardless of how you want to classify it, pot is a gateway drug because I don’t know any addict who first started with crack or heroin.

Let’s stop legitimising it with pretty little sitcoms like ‘High Maintenance’ and ‘Mary and Jane’. How do we expect the next generations to grow and make moral ethical choices when we don’t seem to care about this kind of stuff ourselves?

Dear Internet…

This is an interesting article found on regarding the amount of harassment that seems to be prevalent online.   I’ve been targeted simply because I voted Remain in the EU Referendum.  Mine was mild by comparison to what other users have experienced.

Anyway, here’s the link and don’t go into the comments unless you really want that vein to pop out in your forehead.  Someone let the Trolls out again…