Dante’s Choice

Dante’s Choice

 Dante is a three hundred year old Vampire, with a long history of killing behind him. He changed when he witnessed the evil of the Nazi death camps and swore to be different, leading a new life. He swore that he would no longer use humans for sport or prey, toying with their little lives for his amusement.

 Even so he ended up with 300 years of guilt to deal with, making him the original brooding Vampire.

 Elizabeth Cartwright is innocent, not just in her outlook on life but also her body. She believes in true love in the age of sexual freedom.

 He saw her across the room and their eyes met, before he could deny it he’d fallen in love. Nothing could stop them from being together. Until he finds her innocence. Its the one thing that he hadn’t bargained on, and the one thing that will cure his curse of immortality. But if he takes her innocence and he becomes mortal how will he help them survive the ones who will come after them?

 The alternative is if he bites her and turns her into one of them. How could he curse her with immortality? How could he make her one of them knowing the horror of what it entails?

 And so, the story begins…..

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