Chapter Five

Chapter 5

Beth lifted her fingers to her still tingling lips and opened her eyes. She gave a small moan at seeing the empty space where he had been sitting and frowned. It was too….
Oh everything, she thought standing and closing the door. Making sure that it was locked.
“What the hell was I thinking?” she asked herself mockingly.
Locking the door she walked through to the lounge and shuddering suddenly she put on the gas fire, turning it up to maximum before pulling up a throw over herself and curling up on the long pale cream sofa. Looking around the suddenly too quiet room she reached for the remote and clicked on the TV putting on a random channel just to have a human voice keeping her company as she sorted out the jostling thoughts in her head.
He said he was a vampire. Definitely. Like he believed that he was and then there were the fangs, and the way he followed her home. Did she believe him, like really believe that he could be a vampire and a vampire that drank blood? What about his disappearance tonight, why did he just disappear like that? Like he was somehow afraid of her?
Her thoughts were full of him, his blond hair, longer than was fashionable or perhaps it was fashionable for vampires? She sighed, remembering his blue eyes. How they seemed to peer into her soul and then that kiss? God, she’d never been kissed like that before. Passionate, deep, pleasure had throbbed through her veins making her blood sing and her heart pound, and most of all it was one kiss.
Beth could feel her entire body blushing at the memory of that kiss. He was right; of course, she was, to quote him, untouched. She could come up with so many reasons for her virgin state but the truth wasn’t that she hadn’t been close to anyone or had offers but a feeling that she should wait. That she should wait for something special.
Sighing she looked at the flashing images on the television hearing not the words of the suited presenter but ‘him’ speaking to her, Dante, his name rolled on her tongue before being released as sound. His accent had been Italian; his language usage was old fashioned. Could it be possible that he really was a vampire? Could they exist?

As easily as she dismissed the possibility it slipped back into her thoughts again. Just like the image of his face. She felt, well pausing now to examine her feelings she felt a sense of loneliness now that he wasn’t around and frowned at that.
She’d only just met that strange attractive sensual man, how could she possibly miss him or feel his absence. But she did. She missed the way her skin tingled when he looked at her and when he smiled or spoke. Like his words travelled over her skin like a delicious caress. And his powerful blue gaze provided sparks of electric making her body tingle. She suddenly imagined how it would be if he touched her instead of looking at her and her breath caught in her throat.
She trailed her fingers along her arm without thinking about it and felt the rise of goosebumps in their wake. She knew instinctively that as pleasurable she felt that simple touch now it would be nothing compared to how it would feel to have his hands touching her. She moaned low in her throat and threw her head back as pleasure washed over her.
What was happening? It was like she was already connected to him in some way? How could he affect her like this? She staggered unsteadily to her feet and moved towards the bathroom. She dropped her clothes to the cold bathroom floor and stepped into the stall turning on the water. The shock of the cold spray on her skin seemed to revive her before she adjusted the temperature to hot and let it flow over her. Reaching for the sponge she put a more than generous amount of shower gel on to it and lathered it up. Dragging the sponge slowly over her skin she washed slowly emptying her mind of everything until finally she was free of nagging thoughts of him. Turning off the water and stepping out she wrapped herself in a towel before heading into her bedroom. Dressing in a nightdress and bathrobe she added a pair of sock before heading back to the sofa. She snuggled down strangely relaxed despite her earlier mental turmoil and focused on finding something to watch on the tv. It was just her luck that the only thing interesting was a vampire movie.

Waking from a dream she saw the tv had switched itself off and the fire was still burning brightly. Stepping down from the sofa where she’d been laying she stretched, easing the kinks from her body before turning off everything and moving towards the bedroom. Some instinct made her stop and look towards the front door and she sighed as she was drawn to it, she kept the security chain on as she opened it and looked outside. She saw the package immediately and looked around as if expecting him to suddenly emerge from the shadows before she took off the security chain and opened the door fully. Kneeling down she picked up the small box and looked at it before taking it inside. Closing, and locking, the door behind her she moved back over to the sofa placing the cream box on the table. She looked at it some more, nearly glaring at it before opening it like she was expecting it to explode in front of her.
The lid came off easily and she looked inside the packaging peeling back the layers of purple and pink tissue paper to revel a small perfume bottle. She took it out of the box and took the lid off to sniff the fragrance and found herself smiling at the floral scent. Putting it to one side she looked in the bottom of the box and saw a folded piece of paper. She knew that the box had been presented to her by him and couldn’t stop the shiver that ran down her spine, especially as she touched the heavy bond paper of the note knowing she was touching something he’d just touched. Taking it out she opened up the folded paper and read the scrawled lines.
‘Beth, something delicate should always touch your skin, like perfume or a lovers caress. Wear this and think of me as I think of you in turn, yours Dante.’
She looked at the bottle before spraying herself with the gentle notes of the floral perfume and inhaled before taking the note, perfume and the box into the bedroom with her. Soon she was in bed and dreaming of him.


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