Chapter One

Chapter 1



Dante was bored and tired, he looked around him seeing party goers drinking and having fun and realised the he was quite simply fed up of the same people doing the same things striving for fun. He could have told them that nothing they did was new, having been done before by a previous generation of ‘fun-loving thing’. He sighed and cast his eyes around the room taking in the second-class baroque copy furnishings and the theme of black and red, matching the embossed crimson and black velvet wallpaper. Gold leaf and fat bottomed cupids were placed randomly around the room along with huge candelabra complete with tall white candles burning with intensity.  His gaze lingered on the flickering flames before he turned and saw her. She had long hair pinned up in unruly curls, a lace mask shielding her eyes so he couldn’t see what colour they were and finally a red velvet dress covering her body. He was immediately struck by the thought that red was not her colour; she should be in white and had no idea where that thought came from. He willed her to look in his direction, to notice him and finally she turned a puzzled expression on her face before turning away and moving in the opposite direction.

“No!” he gasped out, no one had ever resisted him before. Who was she? What was she? He asked himself quickly.

Discarding the goblet of red wine on to the table next to him he strode forcefully towards her, ignoring the chatter from around the room. Whoever she was, at least he was no longer bored, he thought to himself feeling the rush of the pursuit going through his veins. He inhaled quickly, deeply, smelling a jasmine based perfume that had a sweet almost sickly aroma too it and he sighed before catching sight of her once more. She was standing near the door, placing a long black velvet cape around her smooth shoulders, barely taking the time to fasten the ties correctly in her haste to leave the party. How could he have frightened her off? Did she know who he was? More importantly, did she know he was a vampire?



Beth struggled with the ties on her long black cape, her hands were shaking so much, she had no idea what or even who had scared her just now but she knew that she needed to leave.  She finally got them tied and pulled the heavy material protectively around herself as she moved through the doorway. She stopped without knowing why and turned looking around the room before she found her eyes meeting with his. Gasping with the shock she felt her pulse begin to race as her heart thudded in her chest. Her lips parted and she felt her tongue teasing out to touch them as though she were being kissed, the attraction pounding within her, animal, magical.

With effort she yanked her gaze away from him and turning again raced out into the dark night.


Dante looked at her as she turned looking around the room. He willed her eyes to meet with his and then they did, he knew that it wasn’t at his doing. She was different. Different to everyone he’d ever met before in his three hundred years. He groaned at the way her lips parted and imagined kissing them, how they would feel under his, how soft and pliant with just a hint of passion. He watched as her pink tongue snaked out to touch her full bottom lip at the same time he was imagining himself doing it and the flare of animal arousal sharpened his senses until he found himself panting. The pulse began beating through his body as his heart pounded against the wall of his chest. He could feel his blood singing through his veins and groaned at the way his body reacted to her. Never had he felt like this before, not with a glance at a woman, who from the way she ran out of the room wanted nothing to do with him. It would make the chase all the sweeter until he caught her and tamed her.

Dante smiled to himself and then quickly frowned as the point of his fangs razed across his lip. How could he be so out of control that that could have happened? He questioned glancing around. He could see a couple of curious looked in his direction as though the people had seen it subconsciously and were double checking to make sure that they were imagining things. He smiled, with no fangs this time before focusing on a waiter across the room. Mustering his shocked senses he focused on the way the other man was holding a large tray of glasses and ‘urged’ him to drop them. The resulting clatter of falling tray followed by the broken glasses gave Dante the distraction he needed to move to the door and out into the dark starry night.



Beth walked slowly along the path feeling a tad over dressed in full-length evening gown and black velvet cape. Reaching up she pulled off the lace mask and placed it in the small satin drawstring handbag she’d brought with her, not that it contained much apart from a lipstick and some money in case she needed a taxi, not that there were any around she thought with a frown her eyes going up and down the main high street. She found her flat shoes making a tippity-tap sound as she stepped carefully along the cobbled street.

Really, didn’t the council have to do something about making footpaths even? She scowled, as she had to pause again and check where she was stepping on the uneven cobblestones.  She found herself lifting her dress as she walked and thought how strange it must look to anyone walking past, her hair pinned up for the most part except the ringlets hanging down her neck, the gown and the cloak looking as though they came from the 1700’s to fit in with the theme of the party. Maybe they would look at her and think they had seen a ghost.

Her thoughts were immediately dragged back to the man at the party; glowing blue eyes had dragged her gaze to them time and time again even though she had been looking at other things. He possessed a handsome face, strong bones and distinctive features. She had no idea why he frightened her, scared her enough to be walking along a dark street in a town she didn’t know where the stars were shinning though the darkest blue sky promising the hint of frost. She shivered suddenly feeling the prickle of unease down her back and turned looking for something. The hoot of an urbanised owl startled her and she cried out her hand going to her throat.

“Good evening.” Dante murmured walking over to her.

“What? How did you catch ….” Beth stopped in the middle of her question and glared at him. “Listen, leave me alone.” She cried and turned away from him to continue walking down the street.

Dante caught the scent of Jasmine again and frowned. Obviously it was her perfume and he could feel the smell clinging to him, cloying. Never, had he had this reaction to a fragrance or a woman.

Narrowing his gaze and looking at her he could see the way her pulse was pounding in the vein in her neck. He watched it for moments feeling his fangs descending once more, the sharp points pressing into his bottom lip as he looked at her. The urge to take her and bite coursed through him making him groan at the almost pornographic urges flowing though his body. One bite wouldn’t be enough he knew. He’d drain her.

Yanking back on those urges he looked at her, watching as she walked away from him. That was smart. To let her go. Wasn’t it?

Groaning he moved after her, not, well fast, but like the human he pretended to be.

“What’s your name?” he asked lamely.

“None of your business.” Beth shot back not even bothering to turn around.

“Interesting name.” He called to her and cursed himself. He was a vampire for, well the other guy’s sake, he could charm the knickers off a nun with a smile and here he was feeling like a randy teenage boy with nothing more to say apart from lame chat up lines.

“Stop following me.” Beth shot out looking around but still managing to avoid looking at him. She spotted a taxi and lifted her hand waving it down.

Dante saw the taxi slow and contemplated using his powers of persuasion to convince the driver not to stop the car to pick her up but he stopped himself. He was so out of control that letting her go was the smart thing, the right thing, and the safe thing. He watched as she climbed in the back seat of the car and instructed the driver to go without giving her destination, obviously not risking it that he would overhear it somehow and go after her. He smiled at that feeling the point of his fangs against his lip again mocking him. When had he ever done the safe thing? He asked watching the red brake lights glow in the distance. Looking around he checked that no one was watching before he ran after it, vampire style, he thought with another grin.

The blood sped up in his veins, red hot, pulsing as he moved. The glow of lights moved past him, blurring mixing streaming as he focused on the taxi and following it. Hauling in deep breaths he ran on after it, turning down one street and then another until he saw the taxi slow. He ran past and slowed to a stop moving to a side street nearby, watching as she climbed out of the car and stepped on the pavement. He noticed that her footsteps were so dainty and didn’t know whether to smile or frown at that. What the hell was going on with him, he asked himself.


Beth looked up as the taxi drew away and shivered. She could feel someone watching her and she didn’t like it. Not just someone though, him. Like he could have followed her home, she’d looked for cars following them earning a question from the driver about her preoccupation with watching for anything behind them. She’d shrugged it off, joking about it but some unease lingered enough to make her nervous.

Forcing herself to dismiss it she walked over to the door taking out her key and unlocking it. She pushed open the door and stepped inside.


Dante watched her from the shadows. Before he could stop himself he walked across the road and caught hold of her arm. A charge like an electric shock went through him and he gasped, his fangs on show again, beyond his control. Everything was beyond his control, there was something about her that made him respond like crazy He felt her shiver in his grasp as she looked up at him, before she opened her mouth and screamed.

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  1. Sounds good! Love this! Let me know if you want me to post anything on my blog, your links, excerpts, anything. Sophia

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