Chapter Two

Chapter 2

“What the hell are you?” she gasped out looking at him. She felt her heart racing and her palms sweat. She knew it wasn’t a fear reaction that was going through despite her screaming like a Victorian maiden.

“Can I come in?” Dante asked slowly.

“No,” Beth gasped out, although that wasn’t her first reaction either.

She moved a step back tilting her head to one side and looking at him before taking a second step back. She knew it was a bad idea when her back came into contact with the hard wooden door and she pressed her lips together not to say anything. Or swear. The keys were still in the door, the small key fob rocking gently.

“Invite me in,” he said again.

Beth shook her head before her eyes were drawn to his. She bit her lip to stop herself saying anything and watched the play of shadows across his pale features.  His eyes bore into hers and she felt her pulse quicken with and electric excitement she had never felt before. 

Dante reached out and let his fingers trail down her arm. Did she know that her blood was singing to him? That he could hear her heart beating, pounding against her rib cage, her breathing quickened the rise and fall of her breasts. His eyes were drawn to the pale globes and he sighed thinking about uncovering them for him to kiss and hold. Hating the urgent arousal that kept him from thinking straight he looked into her eyes again and opened his mouth.

“I’m a vampire.” He told her.

Beth laughed.

“What?” she gasped out.

She looked at him and shook her head before dragging her arm away from him. He was some poor deluded ex-mental patient and she should shut him out and hope that he went away.  Moving suddenly she eased inside the house grabbed her keys from the door and slammed it shut, blocking him out and locking the door in the process. He heard the slide of the bolt, metal thrusting against metal, as she locked the door and it razed on his senses like fingers down the blackboard.

Dante watched this like it was a film playing out in front of him. He looked at the wood panels of the door as it slammed shut in his face almost and sighed. Open the door, he urged her, let me inside.

“Impossible!” he cried after a minute looking at the still closed door. How could she resist him? Never had he encountered this before, someone who could ignore his mental control. Lifting his head he knocked on the door, like a human and waited.

“Go away.” Beth called out knowing he was still there.

“I thought you wanted to talk.” Dante called back.

“Not if you are planning to bite my neck.” Beth said and felt a smile start on her face at saying words like that, aloud.

“I promise not to bite your neck.” Dante called out.

“Yeah like I’m going to trust you.” Beth shot back.

Moving through her flat she pulled off the long black cape and draped it over the back of the sofa before going through to the kitchen. Taking down a cup and began making a cup of coffee for herself thinking about the strange man at her door.  She sighed remembering his intense eyes and the way she reacted when he looked at her. She sipped from the coffee cup before finding herself walking back to the door.

“You’re still there aren’t you?” she said softly.

“Yes.” Dante replied.

“Why don’t you leave?”

“Because.” He answered.

Beth groaned and found her hand reaching for the lock. She turned the small bras knob and the door opened.

“What are you?” she muttered glaring at him.

“A vampire.” Dante answered immediately.

Kind of no denying it when his fangs had a mind of their own and he couldn’t control them.

“So you like want to bite me?” she asked him.

“Yes.” He muttered and swore when the door slammed shut again. “At least tell me your name.” He murmured placing his hand on the wooden door.

Beth sighed and opened the door once more glaring at him.

“Aren’t you supposed to know it?” she asked him.

“I’m supposed to be able to do a lot of things.” He admitted truthfully. “And for some reason I can’t.”

“Like what?” she asked him.

“Like, persuade you to let me in for a start.”

He could have cut out his tongue at being so honest with her but there was something about the way she was that made him say stuff. He’d been ‘interviewed’ by members of the Spanish Inquisition and had not said anything but she asked him and he was singing like a canary.

“Ask me a question.” He told her suddenly.

“How old are you?” Beth said huskily biting her bottom lip as she looked at him.

“Three hundred and twenty six years.” He said immediately and paling even more if that was possible. He gave her a look before taking a step back away from her.

“Really?” Beth gasped. “So what can’t you do?”

Dante shook his head forcing himself not to answer the question. He turned and walked away from her.  He had to get control back and she was dangerous.

“So you don’t want to come in then?” Beth whispered.

“Yes.” Dante answered even as he forced himself to keep walking down the street away from her and away from temptation.

“And you don’t want to bite me?” she whispered.

“Yes.” He groaned feeling his fangs descending to press against his full bottom lip. “I want to bite you and take you and…” Dante stopped and turned around.

He looked over the road and saw her still standing in the doorway, her body silhouetted by the light behind her. He caught sight of her hands moving up to let loose her hair. He watched as the caramel curls slithered down her neck. His eyes narrowed, even from this distance he could hear her blood pounding through her veins, he could see the vein on the side of her neck that carried it around her body. He tasted blood and knew that his fangs had pierced his bottom lip he desired her so much.

‘Ask me in.’ he sent his thoughts to her. ‘Ask me in and I promise you ecstasy beyond all the earthy pleasure that you’ve ever had.’ He thought.

His eyes travelled down to her heaving bosom imagining how her breasts would feel in his hands, pressed against him as he pleasured her. How her long legs would wind with his as their bodies joined intimately and he drove into her.

‘Ask me in.’ he thought again.

Beth felt her heart thudding again and frowned at the reaction. She took a step back before closing the door on the strange man who wore fangs and made out he was a vampire despite the strange feelings that were coursing through her.  Just to be safe she put on the security chain and double locked the door.

Dante watched her step back and into the house feeling strangely hurt. He shook himself out of the stupor and turning made his way home determined to forget about her.

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