Chapter Seventeen

Chapter 17

Ella was afraid to open her eyes. Roman would know what she was thinking. She was stuck though because she had to open her eyes and check what the time was. She needed to go home because the twins would be getting home from school soon and she needed to be there to supervise homework.
“Liar,” Roman whispered as he lay beside her.
“What?” She gasped her eyes flying open as she looked at him.
“We said just sex,” he murmured.
“I…er…I…” she couldn’t formulate a sentence and tried not to think of the crude analogy about someone er… yeah, her brains out.
“As soon as I kissed you…” he continued.
“Okay, that’s enough,” she shot out of the bed and grabbed for her discarded clothes.
“I knew we were making love,” he finished.
Ella spun around and looked at him forgetting that she was standing in front of him naked, her clothes in a bundle in her arms.
“Making.. er…”
“Because I do, still, suspect I always will…” he said and she saw a hint of amusement to his expression.
“Will what?”
“Love you,” he murmured tugging on her arm and luring her back into the bed.
She dropped her clothes back on the floor and half sank-half dropped on to the bed beside him.
“I love you Ella, I can’t keep fighting it even though it’s the wrong time!”
“It is?”
He laughed at her even as he lifted his hand and stroked down her face before letting his fingers trace the outline of her lips and then he leaned forward and kissed her.
“I’m still married,” he said quietly. “I can’t give you anything. I can’t even date you.”
“And er.. do… you want to date me?”
“I want to do a lot of things to you,” he said in a husky voice.
“And yes, I want to date you and romance you properly,” he murmured before kissing her again.
“Roman!” she cried again before gasping as he kissed her once more, his hands running down her body.
She lost all track of time as he stroked her, kissed her and as they made love again. Her hands touching and stroking in turn. She recalled arching her back as he kissed her neck and then down. Moaning as his mouth enclosed first one nipple and then the other. Her fingers pressed into the plump rounds of his behind as he joined his body with hers and then it was just pleasure swirling around her body until a final gasp and they fell still together.
“I love you Ella Addison,” he said quietly.
“So I see,” she whispered before closing her eyes tiredly and yawning. “wait, oh my god what is the time?”
“It’s…” he began before gasping as she pushed him away and climbed out of the bed again.
“I this was nice,” she murmured grabbing up her clothes and darting into the bathroom slamming the door behind her and locking it.
She felt her face flaming as she raced into the shower trying desperately not to get her hair wet as she showered. There was only Roman’s shower gel in there and she flinched as she used it and the smell reminded her of being wrapped in his arms. Dammit, double-double dammit!
How were they going to move forward now? How was it supposed to work? He was still married. That made her the other woman. Something she vowed she’d never do, dammit!
“El?” he called from outside the bathroom.
“I…er.. just a minute…” she managed to squeak out as she frantically towelled herself dry.
“We have just seen each other naked,” he pointed out.
Struggling to get her jeans on she grimaced as she tugged them up her still wet legs. Finally managing to get them on she fastened them hurriedly and then groaned as she realised she’d left her keys and shoes in the bedroom. Although she knew she’d have to face him anyway didn’t make her feel any better especially as climbing out of the bathroom window wasn’t an option.
Dragging in a deep breath she placed her hand on the door handle and turned it.
“Sorry, all yours. I’m going to have to run … the twins you know..” she pinned a smile to her face.
“El are we going to talk about this?”
She visibly flinched before pinning her shoulders back and looking him in the eyes.
“Do we need to talk about it?” she muttered.
Leaning up she kissed his cheek before darting into the bedroom and grabbing her keys and shoes. Before he could say anything else she was running down the stairs and out of the house.

Ella finally dispatched the kids to bed and moved back down the stairs to the kitchen. She reached for the vodka and poured out a measure for herself before moving to sink on the sofa in front of the tv.
“No need to ask how your day went,” Miles said dryly.
Ella flinched, feeling tears smarting in her eyes.
“… “
“Nothing, it’s fine…” she said quietly.
“I doubt its fine; you’ve not been your usual chatty self all night. Does this have anything to do with Roman?”
“Why would you ask that?” She forced herself to make eye contact with the other man and attempted to smile.
“Because,” Miles eased up from his position at the desk where he was working and moved to sit next to her on the long sofa. “He seemed to be in a bad mood the other day. He also seems to be avoiding you. “
“Yeah, well, not anymore,” she muttered feeling her face heat up and knowing that she was blushing.
“Ella Addison what did you do?” He asked in that teasing voice of his.
She shook her head regretting putting her hair up in a bun before collecting the twins to disguise the fact that she hadn’t combed it after Roman had somehow managed to tangle it earlier because now she couldn’t use it to hide her glowing face from him. And she knew her face was bright red because she could feel the heat radiating from her cheeks.
“I er… I…” she stuttered.
“Ella?” He prompted this time in a gentle tone of voice.
“Roman told me he loved me but I said it was only sex and now I’m the other woman.” She burst out with.
She felt Miles patting her hand awkwardly and she responded by launching herself into his arms and sobbing her heart out.
“So he admitted it finally,” Miles said slowly.
“What do-hic-you mean?” she sniffed.
“Anybody can see it Ella, he’s totally nuts about you. His eyes eat you up every time he sees you.”
She shook her head. “No, he… he’s been a …”
“Avoiding you?”
“And rude…” she pouted.
Miles chuckled. “Probably the only way he could keep his hands to himself.”
She groaned and shook her head again before reaching for her glass and taking a long drink of vodka.
“Well now I have to avoid him,” she muttered.
“Is that to keep your hands off him?”
Ella gasped as she looked at him before shaking her head furiously in denial, although the memory of clutching Roman to her earlier as he kissed her made her blush all over again.
“I’m being serious Miles, I’m the other woman. I can’t be the other woman. It’s just way too complicated.”
“What do you want Ella?”
She looked at him her eyes wide, “I want Roman.” She whispered realising that she would happily be the other woman if it meant that she and Roman were together.
“Then you need to weigh up the pros and cons of being together. I’m sure that you can find a compromise until his divorce is finalised.”
She bit her lip as she looked at him.
“Really? With our track record?”
Miles chuckled at her and she pulled away from him to take another drink from her glass. Leaning forward gazed into the bottom of the cut crystal tumbler.
“It’s only going to be a matter of months before he’s free.”
“I need to have this conversation with him don’t I?”
“Yes, you really do. Especially as you seem to have….”
“Miles don’t finish that sentence,” she muttered fiercely.